Time Crisis 4

Games have changed a hell of a lot in the last 10 years, but the Time Crisis series has steadfastly refused to grow up. While everyone else was jumping on the mature bandwagon, pumping out Emo music-backed introspective monologues about the state of the world, Time Crisis was content to deliver bubblegum action, packing some serious soft metal.

We love Namco for this, and we love them even more since catching sight of Time Crisis 4. It would have been very easy for some suit with a sales chart to decide this latest gun game should feature a gritty plot, heroes with personality disorders and a game world caked in grime. What we’re getting is more shiny office environments, blue-sky exterior shootouts, an armada of stealth jets targeting the US and only you, a buddy and a pair of Guncon 3’s can save the day. Business as usual.

The main enemy is once again the returning Wild Dog - now packing an arm-option weapon that enables him to strap on extra weapon types. He starts out with a simple grappling hook that can snare you, but eventually he’ll use a gravity defying option to toss cars around the screen as makeshift missiles.


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