Three things we love about Global Agenda

The indie spy-fi shooter/MMO you’re about to love too

We firmly believe that attaching rockets to things makes them better. And though Aion might%26rsquo;ve pioneered flight as a combat mechanic in MMOs, Global Agenda%26rsquo;s jetpacks aren%26rsquo;t simply a thematic accessory for the game%26rsquo;s spy-fi setting - they%26rsquo;re a critical piece of equipment every player has strapped to their back.

Above: Most combat takes place on the ground, but strapping jets to every character%26rsquo;s back makes normal combat encounters feel dynamic and unpredictable

GA doesn%26rsquo;t allow for free-flying tactics like Starsiege: Tribes (your jetpack boost is limited, and draws from the same battery your weapons do), yet jetpacks are nonetheless a liberating addition to your abilities. Platforming between the rooftops of futuristic facilities; launching a surprise attack on a control point by lobbing an EMP grenade through a hole in the roof; even retreating desperately, vertically back to your teammates is a feeling we%26rsquo;re thrilled to experience again. And we love the wide level design that accommodates these tactics - ceiling entrances, tiered ledges and other heights mean matches rarely dwell at a choke point for too long.

Above: Handymen of the future, the Robotics class can deploy structures to aid allies.

Global Agenda applies the same proven formula: if you%26rsquo;re playing as Robotics, you%26rsquo;ll focus on laying medical crates, missile turrets and other support structures in the field to create mini-bases to resupply and protect your allies, but you%26rsquo;ll be vulnerable to sneaky opponents playing as Recon, who can sabotage turrets and backstab. Medics and Assault characters are usually seen side-by-side, pushing onto capture points or other objectives with the Medic%26rsquo;s healing ray tethered to his minigun-toting best friend to keep the hitpoints flowing.

Robotics: Mobile defense. Wields a shotgun, deploys turrets, force fields and other tools - kind of like the sci-fi second cousin of the Engineer in Team Fortress 2.

Assault: Suppression, tanking. An amalgam of TF2%26rsquo;s Demo, Soldier and Heavy.

Medic: Support and debuffing, but combat-capable. We love that the Medic%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;Agony Gun%26rdquo; healing tool can also be used on enemies to increase the damage they take.

Recon: Stealth, sabotage. Plants mines on turrets, can use sniper rifles and turn invisible. Similar to the Spy and Sniper in Team Fortress 2.

Above: The character customization is more reminiscent of World of Warcraft than your typical shooter

Subscribers (at $13/month) will have access to Global Agenda%26rsquo;s most ambitious mode: %26ldquo;Alliance versus Alliance,%26rdquo; an open campaign that combines base creation, resource accumulation, and crafting with attack and defend matches.

Jan 20, 2010

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