Three more returning Soulcalibur IV characters confirmed

With all the hubbub about characters like Darth Vader, Legend of Zelda's Link, and the undead comic hero Spawn showing up in Soulcalibur games, it's easy to forget that there are plenty of stellar weapon-slinging brawlers who are actually native to this 3D face-basher. Unless, of course, publisher Namco has sent us first-look screens of that confirm three more characters from previous games are going to show up in the eagerly awaited Soulcalibur IV.

Feast your retinas on these 15 new pics, which show off Lizardman's scaly skin, Xianghua's short shorts, and Kilik's long and strong staff. Get ready, Vader: you're about to get your helmet caved in by a girl. And a reptile. And also a strong-looking dude, which we realize isn't as unique as the other two.

Here's a taste:

God help them if someone attacks from the left.

Feb 28, 2008



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