THQ VP calls out Call of Duty's 'jingoism,' says Homefront will be different

Bilson: North Korean-invasion FPS will feature emotion, 'civilian misery'

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Yes, THQ%26rsquo;s upcoming Homefront is a shooter about repelling North Korean invaders from US soil. Yes, it%26rsquo;s penned by John Milius, screenwriter of Red Dawn and Conan the Barbarian (andalleged inspirationfor John Goodman%26rsquo;s slightly batshit character in The Big Lebowski). But it will not, according to THQ core-game VP Danny Bilson, have what he calls the %26ldquo;steroided-out, super-soldier, waving the American flag%26rdquo; mentality of games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor.

When askedby GR sister siteCVGwhy THQ would launch a new IP into the fiercely competitive FPS market, Bilson %26ndash; who once worked as a writer on Medal of Honor: Frontline and MoH: Rising Sun %26ndash; said that the %26ldquo;big X on [Homefront] was emotion. Not just fear and adrenaline %26ndash; emotion.

%26ldquo;In last year's Call Of Duty,%26rdquo; Bilson said, %26ldquo;where they kind of got to America during a Russian invasion, note there were no civilians anywhere. It was like being on a lot in a movie studio. Everything was pristine. It was really fun %26ndash; loved the game, those guys are brilliant. But our mission is to go where the other guys aren't.%26rdquo;

%26ldquo;All the tonality of Homefront is very different to what's out there today,%26rdquo; Bilson said. %26ldquo;It's violence with consequence. There is civilian misery in this game. %26hellip; Everything we've done in this comes after looking at history, looking at occupied lands and guerrilla warfare throughout time.%26rdquo;

Above: Jingoistic or not, Homefront's pre-E3 trailer was creepy enough to grab our interest

"We're a global company," Bilson said."No jingoism here. Some of that's political, some of that's personal."He also added that Homefront won%26rsquo;t be a US-centric series. While the first game follows a small group of rebels from a farm in Colorado to a battle to retake San Francisco%26rsquo;s Golden Gate Bridge, %26ldquo;you're going to see Homefront: London later on in the franchise,%26rdquo; Bilson said.


Aug 2, 2010


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