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The Internet is a scary place. Yeah, we know that sounds a little weird coming from the online publication, but when you think about all the content that people like you are putting up; pictures of cats posed in a hilarious fashion, “jackass” videos where guys set their friends on fire and oh so much porn, it can be a little much at times. Oh, did we say scary? We meant really awesome. Where else would we see so much deprived video content for free? Basic cable’s got nothing compared to the copious amounts of time you can waste looking at crazy shit online. For now, pay no attention to the beautiful day outside, put down your kite and peep your eyes on these rad videos. You’ll thank us.

Dancing Pyramid Head by Zurid

How do you make the scariest, most depraved villain on PS2 look silly? By making him dance. This is the kind of absurd, surreal nonsense the internet was made for.

Psychic psycho by Vixtro

This is interesting. This guy has messed with San Andreas '; gravity settings, sending cars and people flying all over the place. A fine use of the more obscure cheat codes.

Ico commercial by upbeatxxx

Here's a nice Japanese commercial for Ico. It mixes game footage with video of a lush forest and two people who care about each other gently holding hands. Aw. Nice, eh?

Neck-breaker ballet by Destop

Here's a video of Resident Evil 4 secret character Hunk performing his devastating neck breaker move. The guy playing uses it to clear the entire level in Mercenaries mode. Neat. Click here to view it, as Destop has specified that we can't embed it.


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