The Top 10 Excuses for Losing

Nov 22, 2007

We hate losing, everyone does. Maybe that’s why we always have some inventive explanation as to why we lost. After all, it couldn’t be that we just plain suck. Could it? Wait, don’t answer that. Instead, read on for our Top 10 Excuses for Losing.

Above: It’s not your lack of cat-like reflexes that made you lose. These guys are the ones to blame

Excuse #10
game was broken
Losing is inevitable when the game itself is working against you. How were you supposed to see that guy coming around the corner with such awful camera control? Those shotguns are over-powered and really need to be nerfed. Whose idea was it to design these camper-friendly maps? These sorts of issues are completely out of your control. Do the right thing by refusing to admit defeat and blame the real culprits, the ones who made the game.

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