The Simpsons: Medal of Homer movie

Homer re-tells WWII, in a way only he can

Following on from our video walkthrough of The Simpsons game last week, we can now bring you the latest trailer featuring everyone%26rsquo;s favourite yellow family, entitled Medal of Homer.

This is just one of a number of game related levels to be included in what%26rsquo;s shaping up to be the best Simpsons game ever. But let%26rsquo;s be honest, the previous titles weren%26rsquo;t exactly triple A standard.

As the game%26rsquo;s script is being crafted by the shows writers, we know there%26rsquo;s going to be hundreds of in-jokes for fans of both the cartoon and, by the looks of things, recent games as well. All we have to do now isidentify them all.


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