The Outsider

We’re pretty excited about The Outsider - it’s one of the few games out there that’s genuinely attempting to break new ground. Okay, the ingredients, although quite cool-sounding, don’t really hint at revolution: you’re a CIA agent, Jameson, based in Washington but through no fault of your own end up as public enemy number one in the eyes of the media and the public after the President gets popped. But from here you make your own path - do you wreak revenge on those who wronged you? Try and clear your own name? Exploit the shady types you’re mixed up with for your own ends and who cares what anyone else thinks? Or a mix a bit of everything together?

It's not just high-concept choice that lies at the heart of The Outsider though - an original approach to the characters throws up a genuinely unique game for each player, adding tons of replay value. Each computer-controlled person in the game has their own objectives which they want to achieve but they don’t have pre-determined routines. They’ll react and adapt to your choices and actions in the game instead, molding the gameplay experience around you, rather than the other way. And if Frontier pulls it off, it’ll be absolutely astonishing.

Is it too ambitious? We’ll see. But, certainly, if they achieve their aims, this could set a new benchmark for narration and freeroaming in games.


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