Super Nintendo World park trademark hints at real life Mario Kart and... maybe Excitebike?

We know Nintendo plans to open Super Nintendo World attractions at Universal Studio theme parks. Now we know what might be there thanks to a recent trademark filing. 

The filing (via this tweet) is under the name Super Nintendo World, which currently is the name for the Japan attraction (and the first planned to open in 2020).

Confusingly, the trademark is filed with the US, listing the "State or Country Where Organised" as Japan. Let's assume then that this is either to protect what will be revealed in Japan, or for the other parks planned for Florida, and California. Maybe both. 

The trademark specifically talks of 'providing hotel accommodation, restaurant services, rental of conference rooms, exhibition spaces and rental of event venues.' That all sounds like it could be a resort attraction. There's also these two chunky lists of text:

The first bit talks a lot about images, videos, live show performances, entertainment and musicals involving characters. The phrase 'non-downloadable' is mentioned a lot, implying that it'll all exist or play on site only, and not be available anywhere else. 

There's also mention of "amusement park shows and special events at an amusement park" that crucially specify "kart racing" before also listing "arrangement of motorcycle events and other events with vehicles." So, real life Mario Kart for guests and maybe an Excitebike show? A real life dirt bike stunt show would certainly hit the mark there. 

Elsewhere, there's mention of arcade video game machines, costume rental and, oddly, "rental of storage media storing programs" for both arcade, handheld and smartphone "game machines." Does that mean you'll be able to play specific games in some persistent capacity while you're there? There's also a listing that covers just about every kind of clothing imaginable, including underwear. 

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