6 questions I have after watching The Mist episode 7

Spoilers. All the spoilers await for episode 7 of The Mist

It is a universal truth that the third act of even the worst horror films is the most fun. Regardless of the dreary monotony and attempts at characterisation that came before, when the shit well and truly hits the meat grinder, the finale always becomes something worth re-enacting that Michael Jackson popcorn gif for. Well, thankfully it turns out that The Mist is no different. 

Since toppling into third act territory, the latter half of the season has had plenty of grim goings on to enjoy. Last week’s episode had leeches dropping from the ceiling, a crazy doctor experimenting on patients, and altar boy Link was turned into something that looked like it had been left in the Tesco cold meats counter for a little too long. The good news is that episode 7 The Devil you Know is more of the same and we even get to see Link congealing on the other side of a door while Father Romanov thanks him for his brave actions. I’m sure the goop really cares, Padre. 

The even better news is that because you probably really don’t care about many of the characters, you don’t actually mind when they’re turned into Happy Meals on legs for The Mist’s various creatures. Points if you got the Spike reference. Without further ado, here are the questions I have after watching the latest episode. 

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1. Does the mist just hate religion?

So we all knew what was going to happen when Father Romanov decided to wage his God against Nathalie’s mist nature theory. Regardless of everything he had seen with her precious arachnids - no one is going to forget the “KILL THE SPIDER” hilarity any time soon - the priest still got himself all dressed up in his finery and headed out into the fog next to a completely naked Nathalie. Sure it was batshit crazy even for a show essentially about really scary weather, but this whole sequence was just bold enough to make you realise that there are plenty of interesting ideas at work in The Mist. If the showrunners weren’t so obsessed with mishandling issues like rape, the whole show could have been like this. Regardless, starkers ancient nature priestess vs traditional god? I’m so in. It’s even more entertaining when Father Romanov gets his comeuppance from none other than the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, skewering him with an arrow and dragging him into the mist. Whether this is a direct ‘punishment’ for his treatment of Nathalie or the mist flipping the bird at his religion is unclear but given how smart it is, I’d bank on the latter. 

2. Who is Jonah and what is he starting to remember?

Finally we’re actually getting some answers about the previously Bryan Hunt and now Jonah but this is a feature about questions so my job is to continue to pursue knowledge instead of settle with what we’ve got. It turns out strapping Mia to a bed to go through scientifically questionable detox procedures doesn’t just show what a complete asshole she can be, it also helps Jonah remember his past. A suitably creepy noir-style operating room haunts his memories where a man constantly applies electro shock rods to Jonah’s temples while a woman recites seemingly random words calmly. While the names of fruits come up, so does ‘mist’ which is clearly no coincidence for a man who goes on to beat his friend up, steal his clothes and then wake up in some, well, mist. Just let me know if this is a step too far. We’ve only got three more episodes to finally find out what the Arrowhead Project actually is but the mist is showing itself as being seriously smart so an exercise in human sentience might not be too far from the truth. We’ve gone far beyond Stephen King’s original plot of a rift in space and time so some kind of human experiment gone wrong could be a good shout. 

3. Who tried to burn Alex to death? 

Ok, I’m aware that this is from episode 6 but someone was on holiday from work when episode 6 aired and the answer still isn’t forthcoming. The most likely answer here is the mother of the girl who died in the bookstore but let’s take a look at some other suspects. Suspect number one: Jay. Of course we now think he definitely didn’t do horrific things to Alex at the party and butter wouldn’t melt but we’ve all seen Scream. Billy Loomis anyone? While he’s not entirely a likely contender given that he saved her and toasted his hand on the fire extinguisher - incidentally, this is something that she could have done, making her a total damsel - maybe The Mist is being clever and it’s another inhabitant of the mall. Could someone else be eager to wreak revenge on Eve for some wrong in the past? What better way to do that than kill her only daughter by Joan of Arc-ing her in the storeroom of a hiking shop. It’s totally the other mother getting revenge, isn’t it? 

4. Why didn’t they know that Nash was a patient in the hospital?

Answer? Because they hadn’t watched any horror movies. It’s the oldest trick in the book. The last orderly in the psych ward is never going to be the last orderly. However, obvious plotting aside, the whole sequence is beautifully put together. The resident psychopath knowing Mia’s mother is a lovely touch and the reveal with the last patients and doctors leaking from under a door a touch of grisly genius. There’s a horrific tint of sadness too as Nash explains his condition stemming from childhood abuse, once again proving that The Mist knows horror, it’s just always made a frustrating mess of characterisation. The idea of an evil that only one man can see is a fascinating delusion to find unrealistic in a world of creatures and madness, and another contrast that makes this episode another stand out in a sea of mediocrity. 

5. How badly is shit going to go down in the mall?

Very. Very, very badly. The food is running out, there’s only tea and biscuits left and something tells me that the group in the loading bay has some food left that they’re not going to want to share any time soon. Eve’s leaving the baby monitor in with the crazy regular lot is an interesting plot device that isn’t just going to be used for listening in on their petty arguments. My guess is that they’re going to hear something serious and end up using that loading bay door as a quick get out. The particularly volatile members of the group aren’t going to be put off by the idea of morals. They already see the loading bay group as outsiders and it’s only going to take a stray word for the hungry mob to get its murder on. Suddenly attempting to survive in the mist is looking a lot more attractive.   

6. When will Kevin find his family and at what cost?  

This might be a bit of a grim way to look forward to next week but we’re gearing up for the final fight now and, let’s face it, Kevin, Eve and Alex’s reunion isn’t going to come for free. With the team finally leaving the hospital and presumably on the way to the mall at last, I imagine their arrival might just coincide nicely with the above chaos. Even once they’re all together and probably covered in gore/leeches/moths/four horsemen, things won’t be over. The mist will still be there and that car is potentially the only way to safety. The mall dwellers aren’t going to just happily wave goodbye to someone they illogically see as morally equivalent to Katie Hopkins. Expect gory madness. Sooner rather than later.