The complete Pokemon GSC pokedex, part 4

Pokémon Name: Sudowoodo
Type: Rock
Classification: Imitation Pokemon
Pokédex Number: 185
Ability: Rock Head & Sturdy
Dream World ability: Rattled
Location Found:
Pearl: Routes 214 and 221
Diamond: Evolve from Bonsly
Platinum: Route 221
HG/SS: Route 36
B/W: Poke Transfer, Dream World - Pleasant Forest (requires over 7500 Dream Points)
Evolution: From Bonsly via Mimic

Level              Attack                        Type
-                       Wood Hammer          Grass
-                       Copycat                      Normal
-                       Flail                             Normal
-                       Low Kick                    Fight
-                       Rock Throw                Rock
6                      Flail                             Normal
9                      Lock Kick                   Fight
14                    Rock Throw                Rock
17                    Mimic                          Normal
22                    Block                          Normal
25                    Faint Attack               Dark
30                    Rock Tomb                Rock
33                    Rock Slide                 Rock
38                    Slam                           Normal
41                    Sucker Punch            Dark
46                    Double-edge             Normal
49                    Hammer Arm             Fight

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