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Hitman is giving you one week to kill Gary Busey

The votes are in, and Gary Busey is officially the "winner" of the Choose Your Hit contest - meaning you can take your one shot at hunting him down as of today. In Hitman, I mean. Don't try to kill him in real life. Some truly odd characters have fallen at the fiber wire or sniper scope of Agent 47, but none moreso than the unhinged actor.

It's good to see Gary Cole will still be on hand in Sapienza to help with the Elusive Target hit, even if he didn't win the contest. As far as I can tell the victory conditions don't say anything about leaving Mr. Cole alive, though, so you could always go for the complete Gary set.

And don't worry, you have plenty of time to set up the perfect Busey hit: one full week, to be precise, which is by far the longest Elusive Target event yet. But if you die in the attempt or let Mr. Busey escape, you're still out of luck.

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