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Vote to kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole in Hitman this summer

If you've ever wanted to murder a celebrity, IO Interactive and Square Enix are going to make your fantasies come true. Your sick, sick fantasies. You monster. As part of a "Choose Your Hit (opens in new tab)" promotion, you'll vote for which Gary you want to whack in the new Hitman (opens in new tab) game: Gary Cole or Gary Busey. Thankfully, they're both assholes, so you don't have to feel bad about it.

The winner (though can you really call them a "winner" when people are voting whether they should be murdered by an assassin?) will be added to the game as a target this summer. And while I admit that I'm not as familiar with Cole's work as Busey's, I think I'm voting Cole all the same.

Hey, if he's the type to bludgeon a baby seal with another baby seal, then I look forward to taking him down as Agent 47: Baby Seal Avenger.

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