The Club

Jan 1, 2008

We got pretty excited with our recent hands-on with The Club, a shooter with a distinctly arcade feel to it. While the core mechanic - combo together as many stylish and skillful kills as you can - remains the same over all the modes, there are still a number of ways that the game presents this theme. Below are the various challenges catered to let you strut your stuff as the top killer amongst your buddies.

These take place across eight locations - a prison, ocean liner, wartorn town, a bunker, warehouse, steel mill, an old mansion house and, er… Venice. Once you’ve finished a tournament, you unlock the challenges for that stage in the Single Event mode. It’s here that you can try and perfect your scores.

This is the bread-and-butter mode. Get around with no time limit, while attempting to get the highest score. You need to get your combo just right if you’re gonna claim bragging rights.

Run the Gauntlet
These challenges are much shorter levels - but with a time limit. If you don’t reach the exit in that time, you... um... explode.

Our current favourite - you have to stay inside a tiny chalked off area (if you don’t you explode) and basically hold your ground against waves of enemies.

A bit like Siege. On the bright side, you get a bigger area that you have to stay in. On the downside, enemies come at you like a GIANT plague of locusts.

Time Attack
This is great to play in turns with mates. There’s a set course that you have to do three laps of. Kills add three seconds to your time. Takes us back to the old days of arcade racing games.


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