The Chronicles of Riddick

Can Vin Diesel give even Doom 3 a run for its money, asks GamesMaster

We've heard loads about Doom 3, but Chronicles of Riddick? Hype-wise, it's not in quite the same league.

But it's not complete madness to compare the brilliant Doom to a game that prequels a film that hardly anyone watched. The two games are actually shaping up similarly well, with Riddick's visuals and stylish presentation almost matching Doom 3's.

Chronicles of Riddick is based on the forthcoming film of the same name, which is the sequel to Pitch Black. The game though is a prequel to both of the films (confused yet?) and tells the story of the Vin Diesel character, Riddick, and his time in prison, where he got his eyes 'polished' to see in the dark.

You're locked up in Butcher Bay, a triple-max-security slammer, trying to escape. All hell has been let loose, and you've got fellow inmates and screws as well as all sorts of monsters to deal with in some horribly imaginative ways. There are guns of course, but stealth plays as big a part, what with your ability to see in the dark. You can hide in the shadows and hear an enemy's heartbeat from a distance, then creep up on him and silently snap his neck.

Riddick definitely deserves some of the sort of attention Doom 3's been getting - it could well be one of the Xbox's surprise must-haves this year.

Chronicles of Riddick is scheduled to explode onto Xbox on 13 August


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