The best and cheapest Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch

So you've found the hidden Micro SD card slot behind the kickstand of your Nintendo Switchand realised it's probably time to add more storage. The 32Gb of space that's built in is fine just now for your The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildmachine but as soon as more games arrive, there might be trouble. Well the good news is that Ninty hasn't hidden anything behind proprietary storage and you can just use a Micro SD card to beef up your storage. This means you can head to retailers and just pick up the tiny traditional card that you'd normally use for other tech. 

There's all kinds of different options available online and we've pored over the best options you can buy today. We don't advise going any lower than 32Gb as a little bit more investment now is going to mean you're not desperately switching cards a few months down the line when you're juggling the summer's hottest indie games. There's a stack of different sizes and options and there's a big price difference depending on how fast the transfer speeds are. Also, unless you're planning a trip to the Sahara with your Nintendo Switch, you don't need to worry about the heat resistance. Here are the best Micro SD cards for Nintendo Switch.

The best all-rounder: Lexar 633x 

Sure, this Lexar MicroSD only has 64GB of storage, which fills up pretty quick, but it’s super cheap and you can grab two of these cards for less than the price of a 128GB version. That’s a top MicroSD money saving tip right there (*straightens tie, winks, smiles to reveal gold tooth). The Lexar performs well in terms of read and write speed too, so it shouldn’t negatively impact the performance of your Switch either.

Best for max storage: SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD

Want to never have to delete a game again? Then go for SanDisk's 200GB option. There's a 256Gb version out there somewhere but a 200GB card is going to do you just fine for this year's games. The read and write speed is excellent and the price means you won't have to worry about storage for a ridiculously low outlay. An all round winner if you don't mind shelling out a little more for triple figures. 

The cheaper option: SanDisk Ultra 

How low dare you go? While there are probably cheaper options out there, you start to sacrifice performance (and storage capacity) for price. This SanDisk card offers a very generous 128GB of storage - plenty for all the launch games - at a decent price. The read and write speeds are good without being top of the range, so this is a great choice.

And don’t forget your case...

Thing about MicroSD cards is… they’re small. The clue is in the name.  You’ll be able to get all kinds of cases for your Switch and accessories in the next 12 months, but this Hori storage box is the perfect place to put all your SD cards for now. It’s dead cheap too.

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