The Anti-Awards 2009

You know the old saying, “Something is better than nothing?” Like all adages, it’s not always true. In the case of Modern Warfare Reflex, a two-year-old port of the groundbreaking PS3/360 title, nothing at all would have been preferable to this poorly envisioned port. While some reviews will tell you “it’s good for Wii” and “compared to other Wii shooters it’s fine,” we can’t in good conscience say the same. It’s been a semi-divisive topic here, but the majority believes this is a nearly unplayable mess that lacks all of the spark and tension found in the original.

Above: BLECH

This isn’t an anti-Wii stance. We could rattle off 20 amazing Wii-only gamesthat you absolutely must play, third parties included. But Reflex is awful. The default motion controls are shoddy as hell, and there are so many options for tweaking that the typical Wii owner will never in a million years know if they’ve configured them to their optimum setting. Sure the graphics suffer from 360 to Wii, but that’s the least the problems here.

It feels like a mercy lay from Activision, who instead of putting the money behind a Wii version of Modern Warfare 2, decided “something” would be better than “nothing” for you, and lazily converted a game that was outdated the moment it hit stores. If World at War sold well enough to justify another Wii Call of Duty, they should have made Modern Warfare 2 instead of slopping this out two years late and charging $50. Don’t accept what they give you just because there’s no better option – demand quality from your games.