The 10 best moments from the Schwarzenegger v. EMA's Supreme Court oral arguments

Plus, why some of the things people said were a bit… off

By now, you%26rsquo;ve probably heard about what went down at the Supreme Courtyesterday during the oral arguments for Schwarzenegger v. EMA, the case regarding California%26rsquo;s proposed law prohibiting the sale of certain violent video games to minors. You might have heard that half of Justice Elena Kagan%26rsquo;s clerks played Mortal Kombat as teenagers, or that human-on-Vulcan torture is not considered obscene by the state of California. If you want to look at the whole 60-page court transcript of the oral arguments, go ahead - it%26rsquo;s a surprisingly quick read. But in the meantime, we at GR were there for both the oral arguments and all the crazy happenings outside the courthouse, and we%26rsquo;ve compiled a list of 10 of the day%26rsquo;s best moments for you, along with a little sprinkling of harmless speculation as to what this whole mess is going to mean for the gaming community.

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