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The Topics:

Top 7… trendy game design crutches – gravelly voices and hoods unite!

Batman: Arkham Asylum kicks all our asses – we’ve dubbed it “the Bioshock of 2009,” and brought some moody audio for your discerning ears.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy voiceovers – are as stilted and plodding as ever. Anyone tell Square that it’s 2009, not 1999?

10 cheesiest songs about videogames – the best/worst thing you’ll hear all month, guaranteed. No refunds.

Technically, that’s not correct – sucking all the fun out of your escapism

Contests concluding this week:

Win Metroid Prime Trilogy – winner is announced in third segment!

Win TMNT Blu-ray box set – five lucky readers will soon be able to discover the horror that is the third Ninja Turtles movie.

Win Watchmen Blu-ray – you ask us “will you please announce the Watchmen winners this week?” and we whisper “no.”

Win Shadow Complex – three download codes could be yours in the third segment of TalkRadar 66.

New contests this week:

Win Street Fighter IV for PS3/360 – Australian band Sick Puppies gave us one for each platform. Click to see how you can win!

Above: “War” by Sick Puppies, as featured in SFIV promotional vids

In the office

Above: Tony Hawk RIDE’s “Hardcore” mode is just that 


Above: You don’t HAVE to be insane to work here, but it hezzzzzz 

Above: GR’s Henry Gilbert joined the ghost of Shane Patterson to snap WWE pics, including this slightly blurry shot of the Bella Twins 

In the community:

Above: Mechamorbo really came through this week with several top-notch entries – can you find the T-Dar crew in there? 

Above: Brettssatifyingdong (no relation) CCTV’d one of Mechamorbo’s Velocireparaz entries

Above: Bobbety invented Charlie Ferret, and provided several different versions for your approval in the fan art thread

Above: Frootaloom crafts the happiest Gollum middle earth ever did see

Above: Aeshir bids ex-GR editor Paul Ryan farewell with this reference to a classic article

Head to the forums and join the T-Dar community or die cold and alone

Post date: August 28, 2009
T-Dar 66 length: 2:26:49
Quote of the week: “You obviously didn’t go to the double-jump district.”
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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