TalkRadar 55 - return to form

We shake off E3 grogginess by ending the console war, breaking windows and giving away free DVDs

Top 7%26hellip; E3 announcements you missed%26ndash; the stories and games that slipped right past us

Nintendo%26rsquo;s E3 press conference%26ndash; was a lot like last year%26rsquo;s, and we%26rsquo;ve got the audio evidence

Prototype Super Review%26ndash; Mikel finally admits he accepts bribes from Microsoft. And Activision. Oh and Sony. Probably Nintendo too

Which console will win Fall 2009?%26ndash; let%26rsquo;s settle this whole %26ldquo;console war%26rdquo; thing right here and now

God of War III vs Bayonetta vs Dante%26rsquo;s Inferno vs Darksiders%26ndash; four top-tier scrappers, one biased opinion on all of them. Don%26rsquo;t listen to Mikel!

Win one of five Friday the 13th DVDs!%26ndash; Enter our contest and you too could be stabbed in the heart with a piano leg

Question of the Week #39%26ndash; What%26rsquo;s the angriest you%26rsquo;ve ever been at a game? More than one piece of glass has fallen to the T-Dar crew%26hellip;

Above: Chris met Valve%26rsquo;s Doug Lombardi at E3! No sign of his long lost bruddah though%26hellip;

Above: Exclusive screenshot of Street Fighter V: Compartment Chests

Above: The podcast%26rsquo;s sounded rough for a couple of weeks. We think seven more cords might have fixed the problem

Above: A totally spontaneous shot that happened right after we set the camera on a 10-second timer and posed in front of it

Above: ClusterShart found a stockpile of old lens flares no one was using%26hellip;

Above: %26hellip;and somerandomchap%26rsquo;s uncle works at Nintendo, who totally gets to play games that aren%26rsquo;t out yet

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Post date: June 12, 2009
T-Dar 55 length: 1:45:47
Quote of the week: %26ldquo;The joke%26rsquo;s gonna be on you when they reveal its full title to be Halo: Reach Around%26rdquo;
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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