Super Mario 3D World Green Star and Stamp locations guide

World 7-1: Fort Fire Bros.

Star #1

The first star is pretty simple to grab; you'll spot inside a clear pipe. Avoid the Fire Bros. attacks while in the pipeline to claim your prize.

Stamp: Fire Flower Mario

When you reach the two platforms with rotating flames, move to the second question mark block. If you ground pound this, it will become a tower of bricks, carrying you up to a previously unseen stamp.

Star #2

Past the checkpoint are some Thwomps. Jump onto the clear pipe rather than hopping inside, and you'll be able to leap atop the Thwomp. Ride it to the top of the wall, where you'll find a warp pipe. Inside the hidden area, you'll have to guide a ball to the goal using flip panels. Be smart with your jumps, and you won't have much trouble.

Star #3

Just past the Thwomps is a hollow green star. Hit it to spawn eight green coins. Grab them before time runs out, and you'll earn a star. To make this easier, hit the POW Blocks to get rid of the Wind-Up Soldiers.

World 7-2: Switchblack Ruins

Star #1

After the second tile room, you'll reach a trio of Spiny and four unlit torches. Use a Fire Flower to light them and spawn a star.

Star #2

Immediately after the checkpoint, look for this hidden tunnel. It leads to another star.

Stamp: Spiny

When you ride the platform over some lava, leap to the right. On this ledge is a stamp.

Star #3

Before exiting the level through the warp pipe, hit the invisible block in the back of the room. From there, spin jump into the alcove above to find one more star,

World 7-3: Red-Hot Run

Star #1

The path splits a few times here. At the second fork, head right. Leap over the gap to grab the star.

Star #2

After blasting from the clear pipe, you'll land near a hollow green star. Hit it to spawn eight green coins, then quickly collect them to spawn a star.

Stamp: Tanooki Leaf

As you reach the final stretch of the level, bear left. When you reach the falling platforms, leap across the gap to nab the floating stamp.

Star #3

Right after the stamp, leap to the center path. The star is between two rotating spike wheels.

World 7-Tent

Stamp: Pointing Sprixie

This opens after completing World 7-3. Enter from the map to claim the stamp inside.

World 7-C: Fire Bros. Hideout #4

Star #1

Before entering World 7-4, examine the rubble nearby to spawn a warp pipe. Take it to reach World 7-C. Enter, then take out the team of Fire Bros. before time runs out to spawn a star.

World 7-4: Boiling Blue Bully Belt

Star #1

Early in the level, you'll come across a hollow green star; hit it to spawn eight green coins. Run clockwise along the blocks that rise to nab them all, spawning a star.

Stamp: Brick

When you cross the large lava pit on rising platforms, you'll spot this to the side. Leap to it to claimyour prize.

Star #2

Along the same path is a mystery box. Leap to it to reach a hidden area. Here, you'll have 10 seconds to defeat a Bully, spawning a star.

Star #3

As you cross the rollers at the level's climax, stop at the fourth one. There's a smaller roller to its front where a star sits.

World 7-A: Brolder Blockade Is Back

Star #1

This is just a repeat of the Boss Brolder fight. Fight him just life before, but avoid his new rolling magma balls. Win the fight to earn a star.

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