Still no PS3 interest from Valve

CVG recently got the chance to interview Valve's spokesperson Doug Lombardi about its zombie shooter sequel Left 4 Dead 2. Among other things they quizzed him about Valve's reluctance to work with the PlayStation 3. Below is their fascinating response. You can read CVG's full interview here. 

You're still snubbing PS3 on the Left 4 Dead front. Surely this has to come down to your preference as a company now, rather than any sort of technical limitation?

"I think I'd use a little bit of the same answers. We look at it as if we were customers of this product, how would we want to be treated and what sort of product would we want out of it?

"We've run a couple of experiments over the years of PlayStation in general; we did Half-Life on PS2 with an outside company and then we did Orange Box PS3 with an outside company. We weren't able to deliver the same type of product on PS3 and PS2 for that matter that we were on the 360 and PC.

"If you look at it as a matter of Valve doing it, Valve did the 360 and the PC version of the Orange Box and they both go 96 on Metacritic - The PS3 version was nowhere close to that. Left 4 Dead got a 89 or a 90 on 360 and PC.

"We're really, really proud of the fact that whatever platform you play the game on you're getting the same experience, you're getting the same Metacritic score. And with Left 4 Dead, you're getting the same DLC with the survival pack and some of the stuff that we have coming.

"Until we have the ability to get a PS3 team together, until we find the people who want to come to Valve or who are at Valve who want to work on that, I don't really see us moving to that platform.

"We've kind of learned a lesson in that again, if we were customers of that product on PlayStation, we'd feel like we sort of got the stepchild version of the product while the guys on the PC and the 360 got the sweet version of it."

Courtesy of CVG 

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  • lovinmyps3 - July 5, 2009 9:46 p.m.

    I love my PS3, but if you guys really love games and if PS3 fans can get over their goddamn stubborness you may want to just suck it up and buy a 360. I got one just a couple weeks ago and I love it. I mostly got it for Left 4 Dead and I can not stop playing it. There are good games for both systems and advantages of both. Xbox for example has a little more accessable online mode (though it's not free like the PS3)and Playstation has built in Wi-Fi. PS3 and 360 both have good exclusives: PS3 has Metal Gear Solid 4, Infamous, and Killzone 2. Xbox has Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, GTA 4 DLC, and Fallout 3 DLC. If you guys truly love games and gaming, then 360 owners go buy a PS3 (believe me, with a built in hard drive and wi-fi the PS3 cost the EXACT same if you get those features for your 360) and PS3 owners go buy a 360. They are both worth your time and money and maybe we can finally put aside this stupid fanboy nonsense.
  • banok - July 5, 2009 4:34 p.m.

    This is bullshit! Haven't you read the xbox TF2 blog? The xbox 360 version of orange box is a TOTAL stepchild of the PC version. There is no free DLC for xbox TF2 like on PC because microsoft are being greedy bastards and force charges for DLC. xbox or vanilla TF2 is nothing like PC TF2, just because they have the same metacritic score. valve wake up. I dont own a PS3 so don't really care, but valve are really talking out their arse here. At least sony would probably allow free updates to the game. Besides no console source game will ever be as good as PC simply because of source SDK. source games are like the best for modding, making custom maps. until they put source SDK on console that is.
  • hanky_panky - July 4, 2009 11:21 a.m.

    LOL i remember CS on xbox... was shit compared to PC version but seriously i own a PS3 and i believe PS3 need some more zombies saved on its hard drive..(CODWaW doesnt count its just a bonus... i mean a game based on zombies) because you know i love zombies...
  • clucky120 - July 3, 2009 9:46 p.m.

    at shadowless the way valve works they will offer the original campaigns in left 4 dead 2 which works better for people like me who borrow the original off of friends.
  • lava_lamp - July 3, 2009 8:59 p.m.

    well in my opinion the 360 versions already are the step child version Valve's game are always more fun on PC
  • Timothy_Lemon - July 3, 2009 6:42 p.m.

    orange box was only "fine" on ps3 because you havent played the 360/pc versions. again tho, it would be nice for valve to support the ps3 consumer but thats valve for you, theyre stingy as hell haha. in their defence tho, they dont wanna put out any old tosh. whereas most companies these days fill the shelves with their shovelware.
  • Seabread - July 7, 2009 12:08 p.m.

    i just dont think the PS3 has the install base Valve want or need to justify the time and money needed to even port the game over. i dont think there are the technical limitations/ignorance that hindered the Orange Box port. I have all 3 current gen consoles and only ever play my xbox - for the simple reason it's got great games and all of my mates have one. there are a few good games on Wii (MadWorld,Metroid,NoMoreHeroes) but hardly any on PS3 - which has to yet start it's 10 year life cycle in my opinion. Hopefully LastGuardian will change that but at the moment it's just gathering dust cos i dont want to play MGS4 (i turned it off in disgust after spending 90% of the first hour watching cut scenes) Killzone/Resistance don't appeal to me and Infamous looks like Prototype's retarded brother. What else is there? I only keep it because of aforementioned LastGuardian,GodOfWar3 and L.A.Noire. Even my old PS2 games wont work because they removed the emultaion chip - bastard con-artists. Where's my firmware update to solve this?
  • musashi1596 - July 6, 2009 7:04 p.m.

    Call me a sceptic but I suspect sony isn't taking the same tactical approach to consumerism. That is, throwing ridiculous amounts of money at any company in sight to secure exclusivity. I'm afraid I don't buy Valve's excuses on this one.
  • shadowless92 - July 3, 2009 5:19 p.m.

    it is harder to make games for ps3 i understand but im a xbox fanatic and i also have a ps3 but i do think ps3 ppl are missing out on some great games half life 2 is great and so is left 4 dead also left 4 dead 2 is a scandal it should be an expansion sorry to bring that up come on valve listen to your fans you did when we wanted free dlc why not now?
  • sinkingfeeling - July 3, 2009 4:35 p.m.

    i agree, better something than nothing. Valve obviously feel burned by playstation and as such are hesitant to invest capital
  • RabidCabbage - July 3, 2009 1:44 p.m.

    I have a PS3, and I'm not getting the same experience. I'd rather have the option of the "stepchild" version than nothing. The Orange Box was fine on PS3. I didn't like HL2, but I got to experience Portal, which I wouldn't have done otherwise.

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