Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - first look

Okay, put the fanboy hat down for a second and let's be real: in your heart of hearts, you think Luke Skywalker is a whiny pansy with bad hair and Darth Vader is a towering bastion of too-cool badassitude. The good guys? Boring. They use their Jedi powers to do what, exactly? Dress in dingy bathrobes and maybe correct a bad X-wing parking job. They never even mind-control their way into a round of free drinks at the cantina or a hot night with a pair of Twi'lek babes now and then.

The bad guys, by comparison, know how to party. They spew lightning from their fingers, carve punks into chunks with their lightsabers, and force choke the crap out of anyone who gets in their way - then they blow up your planet. Face it: the Dark Side boys have more fun. And that is why Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which casts you as the by-any-means-necessary, Jedi-hunting secret apprentice of Darth Vader himself, looks to be the most pleasurably destructive Star Wars game in history.

On second thought, that statement is not exactly correct: the guilty pleasure of being a total bully on a galactic scale is only one of many causes for the game's promising condition. Another is the fact that your character's Force powers are beyond the scale of those seen in previous Star Wars games. You have three base powers: a Force Push, Force Grip, and Force Lightning. But as they get stronger and you learn to combo them, watch out. Check out this video:

This is pre-rendered concept work and not true in-game footage, but it's all legit. We saw it all happening in real-time. Throwing stormtroopers around like rag dolls? The move about 20 seconds in, when a Force Repulse creates a 360-degree sphere of concussive blast? Levitating dudes and cooking them alive with chain lightning? That thing at 38 seconds, with the poor schlub getting picked up, slammed into the ground twice, then into a wrecked metal hull, then levitated and thrown, along with other debris, into an approaching TIE fighter, which then explodes? We saw all that and more.


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