Splinter Cell: Conviction on PS3 - we tell you when

Using history to predict the inevitable

There%26rsquo;s been a lot of talk as to when, and even if,Splinter Cell: Convictionwill get released on PlayStation 3. First the unannouncedPS3 version popped up on a couple of Ubisoft resumes, only to be immediately removed. Then just todayVG247 asked a Ubi execwhen/if the PS3 will see Conviction. To which he responded with the typical corporate %26ldquo;I dunno/maybe/can%26rsquo;t say?%26rdquo;

Above: Relax -it's never not happened!

Well, you PS3 owners needn%26rsquo;t sulk any longer - GamesRadar can confirm that there%26rsquo;s a 99.999% chance Splinter Cell: Conviction will definitely hit the PS3, and with a sense of history, we can even predict when!

Ask yourself this: How often does Ubisoft release anything exclusively? Rarely. When has Splinter Cell not landed on a PlayStation console? Never. Has Splinter Cell ever appeared on Xbox as atimed exclusive? Several times! Let's look at some US releasedates:

Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

Splinter Cell Double Agent*

*We%26rsquo;reaware Double Agent came out on 360 before the PS3 actually existed, and also that itcame out on PS2 at around the same time. But we%26rsquo;re still including it to give us a worst case scenario.

Okay, once we add up the number of days in between the Xbox and PlayStation releasedates, we can start to get a better idea of what Splinter Cell: Conviction%26rsquo;s inevitable release date will be on PS3!

There ya go! Now, round to your favorite Tuesday and adjust your finances accordingly.

Apr 16, 2010


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