Splatterhouse has 20+ shades of blood and the world's most vulgar chair [VIDEO]

Maybe you've heard of Splatterhouse. Maybe you know the original 1988 arcade game or the Genesis/TG-16 entries in the series. Maybe you've heard about how gruesome it is. Maybe you've heard it was the goriest game of E3 2010. Maybe, in light of all these things, you think you know what to expect.

You don't.

The only way to truly understand the gore-soaked bloodfest that is Splatterhouse is to see it in motion and hear it described by the men (gods? monsters?) from whose twisted, gifted minds this game is clawing its way out into the world. So do that - provided you're old enough to handle it. Because this? This is some visceral, vulgar, absolutely unrestrained brutality, right here.

Jul 31, 2010


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