Sonic's 'Through the Ages' trailer is pure joy. Bonus: TAILS!

Take a quick spin through twenty years' worth of Hedgehog history

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In accordance with my geeky journalistic duties, I was more than ready to tear this 20th Anniversary legacy trailer a new asshole had Sega dared to not included a particular Sonic game. But damn! Today%26rsquo;sHedgehog lovefest is a remarkably thorough zip through Sonic%26rsquo;s (mostly) proud history. They even went so far as to acknowledgethe atrocious 2006 reboot,the dumbass Werehog game, andthat first Wii title no one remembers.

Sure, I would%26rsquo;ve liked to have seen a nod to Sonic R, however, that would open up a ridiculous fanboy disussion and Ireally would prefer notto have to acknowledge whether or notthat one game with the swordis part of the "Main" series. And there%26rsquo;s no time to debate that now, as Sega%26rsquo;s also sent over your first look at a new classic leveland TAILS!

Above: One of these Tails is blatantly better than the other. Can you guess which one?!

If that weren%26rsquo;t enough to send folksinto a fangasm fit (or a needless argument over pupil color, your choice) Sega%26rsquo;s also unveiled the first look at Chemical Plant Zone, which I personally associate with havingone of the finest musical themesthis little medium of ours has ever produced.

I implore you tohead hereto see more shots of the famous factory in both 2 and 3D. And I'd expect more Sonic fan service to be announced at Comic-Con, which we head out to tomorrow. Come say "Hi!"

Jul 20, 2011


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