Skate gameplay reel reveals new locations

That's right, we can now point our eyes at some fresh areas from EA's 'boarding sim, SKATE - from a suitably bench-filled school location to several inner-city skate spots and a vibrantly colourful hip/improvised half pipe section. Check the trailer below for the action.

We're super-stoked for SKATE's down-to-earth flippery - check our hands-on impressions for more info - and we're pleased to have another watch of the game's satisfyingly chunky tricks. Though, if we're honest, some of the city locations look terribly drab. Where are the dynamic pedestrians who jostle you or crowd around to witness your skills? Or the vicious traffic?

With the game due out - we're hoping - some time in the summer, EA has probably already got these features up and running, but is choosing not to show 'em off just yet. Which riles us, as we're desperate to get back on board and see how the world around the action is coming along. Fingers crossed for more videos soon, then.

April 18, 2007


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