Sim Tower faqs

  • Submitted by Brad Stuart

Sim Tower Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    1. Before building anything, click on the bottom left corner of the entire screen (deep in the dirt) and you'll double your money.
    2. Three Story Lobby: press CTRL+SHIFT while you build it.
    Build a lobby, then build work rooms and fast
    food. On the next level build condos and put the price on the second lowest price. On the next level build more condos but on the highest price and you should get into 2 star easily.
    If condos start selling put the price on the lowest price and they should sell soon
    Submitted by monique
  • Two Storey Lobby

    Hold down [Ctrl] when you build a lobby to get a two storey lobby
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Sim Tower Hints

  • Sell Bad Condition Condo

    When you build a condo people will live in it until it gets in bad condition and will move out. No one will buy that condo unless you use this cheat. First, click on the magnifying glass icon. Next, click on the condo in bad condition. Then you can change the price. Click on the price and change it to $4000 then change it back to $15,000. Close the screen and someone will buy the condo!!
    Submitted by twistedkev

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