Silent Hill 8 for fans of the early series, apparently. Konami dangles the hope carrot again

Another Silent Hill, another bout of ambivalent caution, right? In many ways the Sonic the Hedgehog of horror games, SH is one of those franchises that has been so completely and utterly wonderful in the past that, despite its own success having now cannibalised it by way of mediocre sequels, some of us just can't let it go.

Hope. It brings you nothing but pain.

With Silent Hill 8 coming as another farmed-out sequel by another low-profile, non-Konami developer, and series composer and guiding light Akira Yamaoka now officially departed, I was just about ready to finally walk away myself. But having read the new press release, I'm now forced to pay attention again. Am I setting myself up for another fall here?

It's not much. Not much at all. Just a couple of little phrases amidst a sea of generic hyperbole. But I can't help being drawn back in, all the same. I cared not for Konami's claims of "unique evolutions in gameplay". And "Pah!", I said, as it offered the thrilling promise of "variable side quests". But God damn you, Konami, if I couldn't help but feel a little tingle of interest when you told me that the story "will appeal to fans of the early, classic Silent Hill series, as well as anyone who enjoys a deep, psychological horror experience". And then I noticed the phrase "we’re working hard to build a next generation horror game that the fans truly deserve".

But Konami, you've already made a next-gen (yeah, apparently we're never going to stop calling it that) Silent Hill. Remember Silent Hill: Homecoming? Are you saying that the fans deserve better than that? Are you saying that SH:H could have been better? Are you saying that you're really, truly, genuinely going to do a proper job on this one, and make a real, fantastic Silent Hill with a story and intelligence to match the original trilogy we so rightly revere? Because it certainly sounds like that.

I hate you Konami. I hate you. Why do you say these things and force me to care again?


  • Syncmaster - September 9, 2010 11:11 p.m.

    Silent Hill games never been bad. all of them have amazing stories. only homecoming failed a bit on that, just too simple. The thing is, the first game still is my favorite of all, so I understand what they are saying.
  • DreamWeaverPL - September 9, 2010 9:10 a.m.

    XBOX HUEG POST BELOW: Honestly, I don't understand all the drama about Silent Hill going shitty lately. I have played SH: Origins, SH1, SH2, SH3, SH: The Room, and SH: Homecoming, precisely in that order. They were all good games, except for The Room, which deviated from the series with a moronic plot and awkward gameplay. Yeah, i liked Homecoming, why are people saying that it was such a disaster? Well, I played it on a PC with constant 60fps, maybe that is why my experiences with this game differ. Actually, I liked very much how Homecoming expanded on the plot. Yeah, it expanded it. It wasn't some gaiden/offshoot like The Room, and I finally got what I wanted to do in all those games - to fight some cultists. Not to mention that Homecoming has the best depiction of Otherworld because of it's supreme graphics. I'm not talking about polygons and shaders, it creates the mood. And Finally - Homecoming's control scheme has let me play with mouse and keyboard with great success. Oh, the fighting system was lovely, too. Difficult, gritty, but awesome. Walking around and killing thing with a knife has led me to think "Oh, this is probably because this is the first Silent Hill protagonist that has military experience!" :P And there was much violence, and then, there was much rejoicing. Remember that drill? This was awesome, something new to SH. Don't tell me it was a bad game. I don't know about Shattered Memories, but it simply cannot be worse than The Room, so I reckon that the two latest Silent Hill games are pretty good. Of course, they are different, but still - they are good games. Would you want to play updated versions of Silent Hill 2 over and over again? With Pyramid Thing chasing the player all the time? This would make the series repetitive and send it right down the shit drain, along with the movie. And it's already happening, because if it's a SH game without "Pyramid Head", it won't appeal to a wider audience. Nevermind that people won't see no difference between the Pyramid Thing, the Boogeyman, the Butcher - it's all the same to them, good ol' SH monster. But I don't want it like that. I'm waiting eagerly for the new SH, it can be like the old ones, or it can be something else and new, i don't care as long as it is executed with care. And Akira Yamaoka isn't something that NEEDS to be confirmed and secured to make a SH game. He didn't help much in case of the movie and The Room, so what gives? Damn, they now have the guy that composed music for the Dexter TV show, right? Isn't that something?
  • shyfonzie - September 9, 2010 4:02 a.m.

    Abusive relationship. GET OUT NOW DAVE.
  • GoldenMe - September 8, 2010 7:33 p.m.

    I hate you Dave.
  • Clovin64 - September 8, 2010 7:14 p.m.

    I know exactly how you feel Dave. I feel the same way. Silent Hill 2 is one of the finest games ever made and is IMO the greatest horror game ever. Games nowadays like to call themselves "mature" and "adult" (I'm looking at you Heavy Rain!) when really they're all talk. These games need to take a good hard look at SH2 and then slap themselves in the face. Anyway, enough of my SH2 fanboy worship. I regret to say that I have little to no faith in the SH series being great again, call me a cynical bastard all you want. I suspect this newgame will be nothing but a souless rehash of SH2's themes and ideas. I can only hope that Konami don't do what Square Enix did and cash in on their crowning acheivment by releasing a load of half-arsed sequels and spin offs in a shameless attempt to squeeze cash out of their devoted fans and effectivley rape a great game. I apologize for this lengthy rant by the way, I don't usually rave like this!
  • evilgoat420 - September 8, 2010 5:36 p.m.

    "I hate you Konami. I hate you. Why do you say these things and force me to care again?" -this completely sums of my feelings about silent hill. Part 1 2 and 3 are all in my top 10 favorite games. I played through so many times, finding all the easter eggs and getting all the endings....then Konami has to go screw everything up and churn out crap. I'll stay optimistic.....but I would like part 2 and 3 on psn... Also, without Akira Yamaoka, I don't think there is a silent hill. His music made those games. I hope they can find a replacement.
  • cherryghost41 - September 8, 2010 5:33 p.m.

    I haven't played any of them past Silent Hill 2. Are there any that come after that one that are worth playing?
  • Tygerclaws - September 8, 2010 3:59 p.m.

    A big difference between Silent Hill and Sonic is that SH actually started out as good games. Just sayin'.
  • marioman50 - September 8, 2010 3:18 p.m.

    I think "current-gen" would suffice, no?
  • Redeater - September 8, 2010 2:55 p.m.

    I have played EVERY Silent Hill game to date. I even played the wii one and 1000/1000 Homecoming. STOP TORTURING ME KONOMI!Let me remember why I enjoyed Silent Hill 1,2 and even 3!
  • PipBowl420 - September 8, 2010 2:35 p.m.

    This is soo common... lol the first game of any system of that "project" (series) is always a starter like game.. Just the beginning of the extra funding, and effort.. Since HomeComing was okay, I really DO expect this one to have more effort, time, thought, money, and tech, put into it. I really hope so atleast. The old Silent Hill playing style was very old school.. Straight forward and really needed to be atleast tossed in a blender to see what might happen lol I was a Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and Resident Evil fan, like, loved these games to bits, until RE4. and RE5 came out, and Konami didn't change how the players play the game very much.. (Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Series') lol That's my random rant..
  • n00b - September 8, 2010 2:35 p.m.

    i just played through silent hill 2 and i have to say that even with the current tech of recent games, silent hill 2 was one of the best gameing experiences i've had. what made it better was that i completed the last few hours;from the abyss to the ending between the hours of 12:00-5 am.i was tense the entire time. Great fun. So take that halo/ff/cod looking forward to finding sh3 and playing it
  • Lemurian - September 8, 2010 2:27 p.m.

    what was wrong with 4? i thought it was okay although it was more bizzare than scary
  • Gable - September 8, 2010 2:13 p.m.

    @510BrotherPanda Shattered Memories is more than a worthy successor for the early SH, but one of the most memorable gaming experiences on Wii. Better than the first Silent Hill and behind the second one, imo.
  • vincentdarkwood - September 8, 2010 1:57 p.m.

    as long as you get to fight the monsters instead of just running....
  • reaperman22 - September 8, 2010 12:51 p.m.

    never played the originals but want to and on a side note i was actually wondering why we still call it next gen the other day, what are we going to call the next lot?
  • omnilion - September 8, 2010 11:29 a.m.

    SH is the S(t)H of Horror games. Coincidence? Anyway, I loved Silent Hill 1 and 3, I never played the second one for some peculiar reason not known to me. I was truly horrified of the third game, I actually at one point in the winter did not dare to play the game, alone, in the dark. I wish they'd make more of those kinds of games. I played Homecoming for a bit, and it just felt forced, didn't really capture the essence of the originals.
  • JayLin22 - September 8, 2010 10:52 a.m.

    The first Silent Hill was amazing, and Silent Hill 2 was the reason I bought a PS2. Silent Hill 3 was great, as well as being a direct sequel to SH1. In all honestly, I really enjoyed SH4: The Room - it felt different to the others (it did start out as a different game), but still drew me in with it's atmosphere. Origins and Homecoming really let me down - they were generic, and a little dull. There was little atmosphere/sense of foreboding. I love the idea behind SH - the way its portrayal of the "Hellish Nightmare dimension" is tailored to each of the games protagonists. I really hope this new SH can redeem this once great franchise - damn the kids, make this one real adult fare. Barring that, give me an HD Silent Hill 1-3 remake!
  • 510BrotherPanda - September 8, 2010 10:27 a.m.

    I empathize with you Dave, but having been only a Nintendo fan my whole life, I can't say I've ever, ever cared about SH or the Survival Horror genre at all. If it is a disappointment, just fall back on Mario and Earthworm Jim.
  • speno93 - September 8, 2010 10:24 a.m.

    interesting, never played a silent hill game before might see how this one turns out.

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