Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution

Console strategy games don't have to be lobotomized

Dec 6, 2007

Yeah, console gamers are total morons… wait, no we’re not! So why do the best PC games invariably receive a total dumbing-down in their transition to the box sitting by your TV? Battlefield - complicated on the PC; dumb as a bag of dead clowns on 360. Far Cry - smart and stealthy on the PC; run-and-gun-and-eventually-not-much-fun on 360.

As much as developer Firaxis would like you to think of their Civilization port as ‘streamlined,’ the truth is that the game we played is a straight simplification of everything Civ PC does, stripping off fluff and guff that makes the PC version a nerdfest for the stat-obsessed, and speeding up gameplay to make for more accessible online gaming.

Above: All images are from the 360 version