Sexiest game fan art

Our favourite type of game fan art is of the sexy-good variety. Cute bums. Provocative poses. Delicate panties. Indulgent boobs. What's not to like about these artistic impressions of gaming's female stars? It's delicious nourishment for the eyes. To celebrate this most awesome of creative endeavours, we've gathered a choice selection of the most seductive, curvaceous, sensual, saucy and downright sexy fan art from the net for your absolute pleasure.

And if something in particular arouses your inner arty, be sure to click on the artist name below the picto see more of their work.

Final Fantasy VII/Aeris and Tifa

Aeris is awaken bySternchen08

Aeris aesthetic bySternchen08

Final Fantasy 7 AC Tifa byJayun

Tifa and Aeris and Mistletoe byspindoc

tifa byningyee7