Rule of Rose rises

Tuesday 4 July 2006
If you find giggling little girls scarier than shuffling zombies or rampaging mutants then Rule of Rose, due out for PC this October, is your type of survival-horror.

Set in the 1930s, it follows the story of a young girl called Jennifer who descends into the mysterious and spooky world of a club called Red Crayon Aristocrats. It's a society made up of young girls who obey a set of codes and regulations known as the Rule of Rose.

So rather than fighting your way out of danger - like most survival-horrors - you must help Jennifer obey the rules and take part in the strange puzzles and games that the Red Crayon Aristocrats play. It's a lonely and disturbing time for the young girl whose only friend is a Labrador.

Here's a collection of the latest screenshots of the game which show the detail used to recreate 1930s England and the eerie atmosphere that's generated by the gloomy setting.


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