Riddick gets a first TV spot: watch online now

Riddick has released a first TV spot online, in which Vin Diesel returns for another go-around as the titular muscle-bound badass.

The new film sees our hero marooned on a barren planet populated only by a race of bloodthirsty aliens. Forced to activate a distress beacon, things go from bad to worse when a crew of mercs turn up to collect the bounty on his head.

The new spot features a decent look at the aliens while revisiting Riddick’s handy ability to operate under the cover of darkness.

Take a look at the new teaser, below...

After the overblown theatrics of The Chronicles Of Riddick , it’s nice to see the franchise returning to what worked first time around. Shadowy terrors, fast action and grizzled one-liners!

Directed by David Twohy and co-starring Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff and Dave Bautista, Riddick will open in the UK on 4 September 2013.

For much more on Riddick , check out Total Film magazine issue 209


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