Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Although this is the second trip to the streets of Vegas, the game’s story actually plays out parallel to the last game. How does that work? As Bishop, you’ll be heading up a second team working alongside Logan Keller’s, winding into the main story to work through the casinos, after playing out a bit of back story first while Logan’s team was busy in Mexico. You’ll finish up after the events of the last game, wiping out Alvarez Cabrero - hopefully.

Here are some bite-size info chunks to whet your appetite:

Break glass
Hopefully there’ll be even more scope for destruction in Vegas 2. One criticism is that the last game felt too safe, so with more of the game being set outside we want to tear it up.

Cover up
If enemies are behind cover, they’ll stay there until you can work out how to flank them.

Spawny git
When you take out a terrorist leader, you’ll find that the rest of the terrorists will stop spawning. Obviously you’ll want to find him and cap him before you’re swamped.

Daylight scenes will give you a chance to admire Vegas 2’s touched up blend of shadowing.

Real Vegas
You’ll see seedy back alleys, building sites and run-down trailer parks. Gritty stuff.

No waiting
In multiplayer, now you’ll be able to jump into shootouts mid-game, instead of having to wait in lobbies for you chance.

Hunt ’em down
Ubisoft assures us that the Terrorist Hunt mode will make sure that terrorists won’t spawn right behind you.

Fat arsenal
In total, there’ll be 11 new weapons in the game (not including download packs). This should include an M-16 assault rifle.

Mapped out
Eleven online maps will be available, but some will be lifted from Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, the 2003 PC expansion pack.

Girl gunner
Play as (male or female) soldier Bishop with Walter and Jung in a part prequel, part sequel story.

A.C.E.S. high
The new Advanced Combat Enhancements and Specialization system levels up your character as you go.

Jan 31, 2008


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