RadioRadar spoilercast: GTA 5

What? A bonus episode? That's right, suckers! It's time for us to talk GTA 5 in this episode of RadioRadar! We're going to spoil EVERYTHING about it, so don't listen until you've played the entire game... or if you don't mind having every detail of the plot ruined.

Hosts: Hollander Cooper, Lucas Sullivan, Dave Rudden


  • g1rldraco7 - October 10, 2013 12:14 a.m.

    I'm surprised they didn't talk about the dog Chop. He seems out of place in the game since you only control three characters.
  • BladedFalcon - October 9, 2013 11:33 p.m.

    Very nice spoilercast! I very much agree that there should have been more heist mission, specially so you could interact more with your crew. And well... I LOVE Trevor, no doubt about it, and Michael was pretty interesting too. In that sense, I feel like GTA succeeds because it has the most interesting protagonists in a GTA game so far. However, I honestly felt really disappointed with the last act of the game. To me, the story was genuinely interesting up until Trevor and Michael confront each other in North Yankton, that was the peak moment of the story I feel. Because after that... it felt like it kinda lost direction and urgency, and it made no sense that Michael or Trevor wouldn't have tried to kill Devin Weston or Haines way earlier than in the final Mission. I mean, that final Mission is cool in concept... But story-wise it makes no sense to me that it would play out that way, as in, all those 4 people had been unreachable up until that point, and now they are suddenly super easy to find and kill.... Oh, and there is zero repercussions for doing so, you kill them and your problems all magically disappear. I also think that part of why this way of ending it annoyed me, was because none of those 4 people that are meant to be antagonists, are really that Memorable. Devin and Weston were jerks, sure, but they didn't even come close to the levels of despicable-ness as GTA IV's Dimitri did, for example. And Stretch and Mr Cheng were barely important aside from a couple missions, that they never felt like a true threat to begin with. So while yes, it's nice that you could finish the game with all three surviving and in a sorta happy way, I felt like it wasn't really earned, and thus it felt hollow to me. My other problem with the story is that both Michael and Franklin's character arcs... suddenly cease to matter. Franklin's specially. From the start they set up how aside from wanting to make lots of money, the other thing he cares about is Tanisha, his Ex-girlfriend. And yet, that entire plot thread remains the same from the start till the ending of his story. It started with them separated, him wanting her back, but her refusing, and it ended in taht same note again. There was no evolution to it whatsoever, and worse, we only saw Tanisha ONCE near the end, and that was it, we had very little reason to give a damn about her, even though apparently Franklin very much cared... And yet that goes nowhere. And ultimately, it just doesn't feel like Franklin grew in any way during the story, he always felt like an expectator, pupil, or at best a moderator. But even if you choose the C ending, which is obviously the true ending, I feel like Franklin remained in the exact same spot that he wa sin when the story started... Just with lot more money now, but that was it. Michael on the other hand, DID have an arc, and apparently he does realize what's wrong in his life... Which is that having money didn't make him happy, on the contrary, it made him miserable... So what does he do? HE STEAL MORE MONEY. *facepalms* Not only that... what exactly changed with his family once he got them back? he remained the same, his wife remained the same and so did Jizzle and Tracy, so that also felt kinda pointless to me. Ultimately, Michael's apparent resolution that changes his life is that he finds that working in the movie business IS his real drive and passion... Which is nice, but that should be a side-mission kind of resolution, not his whole fucking arc. The only one that didn't disappoint me was Trevor... And that's because well... He didn't really have a character arc, nor did he need one. He's insane, deranged, depraved and remorseless, and he LIKES being that way. So that he stayed largely the same from beginning to end felt right to his character. But again, he is a very special case, the other two were supposed to show at least a little bit of character growth, but they really didn't show any. At least, nothing substantial.
  • Xtapolapopotamus - October 9, 2013 8:43 p.m.

    Ooooh! I've yet to beat the game but I'm very excited to listen to this as soon as I have! Downloading and storing for now. Hope to see more Spoilercasts in the future!
  • Unoriginal - October 9, 2013 4:09 p.m.

    Extra Podcast? All about GTA? Dave Rudden? Is it christmas already?
  • garnsr - October 9, 2013 9:05 p.m.

    That's very insensitive, don't you know Coop's Jewish? I'm forty-some missions in, but I recognize most of what they mentioned, and I don't care if I know something about how the game ends. I thought getting the crop duster into the plane mission was terrible, the controls are hard to use and it's unclear where you're going, not to mention having to fly low for half an hour before that part. I think Coop's buying into the whole misogyny thing, I don't think any of the women (so far) are portrayed in a way that's unreasonable or hateful, and the protagonists' reactions aren't out of line with what they should do in unpleasant circumstances. I've heard so many people complaining about so many aspects of the game, and I haven't found anything to be distasteful enough to complain (except my car spinning around, inevitably pointing the other direction every single time I tap something during a mission that requires speed, or in a race.) And for people complaining about the black characters calling each other nigga all the time, the first (and only, so far) time I played online there were two black players in my speakers calling each other nigga all the time, not in any hateful way (I play on PS3,) so the game isn't going out on a limb there. I think if you're taking the time to wander around doing the side missions there's a lot of crap that isn't mind-blowing, but it's interesting in a world of crap going on.
  • daverudden - October 10, 2013 10:33 a.m.

    oh, you. (giggles)

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