Available on: Xbox 360, PS3

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    All Mine (20): Kill all other players in an 8-player Deathmatch.

    Berserker (30): Obtain the rank of Berserker.

    Commando (20): Obtain the rank of Commando.

    Cut a Rug (20): Land 100 full combo attacks. (3 consecutive hits):

    Elite (20): Obtain the rank of Elite.

    Headache (20): Kill 200 enemies with headshots.

    Hunter (10): Kill 500 enemies.

    Immortal (50): Obtain the rank of Immortal.

    Killing Spree (20): Kill 20 opponents in one match.

    Leave Me Alone! (50): Destroy 50 Watchers. (50/50)

    Lone Gunman (20): Kill all members of the opposing team alone. (8-player Team Battle)

    Major League (20): Land 200 combo throws.

    Mercenary (20): Obtain the rank of Mercenary.

    Ninja Style (20): Filena killed 50 enemies.

    Novice (5): Obtain the rank of Novice.

    On a Roll (20): Kill 10 opponents in a row during one match.

    Predator (50): Kill 1000 enemies.

    Privacy Issues (10): Destroy 1 Watcher. (1/50)

    Slayer (20): Obtain the rank of Slayer.

    Soldier (10): Obtain the rank of Soldier.

    Stop Looking At Me! (30): Destroy 20 Watchers. (20/50)

    Storm (30): Obtain the rank of Storm.

    Triage (20): Revive 10 teammates in one match.
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Release date: Sep 28 2010 - Xbox 360, PS3 (US)
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3
Genre: Action
Published by: Tecmo
Developed by: Tecmo
ESRB Rating:
Mature: Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence
PEGI Rating:
Rating Pending