Quantum Conundrum walkthrough - video guide

Quantum Conundrum's puzzles are devious and challenging, but you always feel oh-so-smart when you figure it out. We know that there will be times when your brain isn't working correctly and you've tried everything that you can think of. We're here to help. In this guide we've split up all 51 levels in the game and we'll show you how to get from one room to the next, hopefully without too many blunders. These videos will provide the full solution, and are sorted by wings below. If you'd rather a high-level guide instead, you can see our tips and tricks guide. For our full review, click here.

Table of Contents

Blue Wing

Hall of Wonders

A Shift in Perspective

Huckin’ Stuff

Air Raising Scheme

A Fluffy Journey of Discovery


A Weighted Decision

Stairway to Fluffy

Needle in a Haystack

Is this the Real Life, is this just Fan-tasy

Springing to New Heights

Mind the Gap

Around the World

A Minor In-conveyance

End of the Beginning

Yellow Wing

Our Safes Will Blot Out the Sun

Ticket to Ride

Do the Robot

Hang Time

It's Slow Throwing From Here On Out

Cat's In the Cradle

Is it Safe to Ride?

Time Weighs Heavy Upon Us All

The Odds are Stacked Against You

Robot Block Party

A Boost of Confidence

Manhattan Transfer

Catch and Release


What Goes Around

The Path to Higher Learning

Land of Misfit DOLLIs

Red Wing

Reversal of Fortune

The Safe-est Way to Travel

Lament of the Flightless Bird

Going Up?

The Greatest Puzzle in the World...Tribute

A Course of Matter

Not Your Typical Sushi Bar

Through the Glass Flooring

Nothin' But Vat

Whoever Belt It, Dealt It

Flipping Out

Robert Transfer

I Saw the Sine

Couch Surfing

Choose Wisely

Sine Language

Beginning of the End

The End

Only a Minor Setback

Only a Minor Setback Part 2