QOTW: What was the first movie game that made you hate movie games?

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This week's question:

What was the first movie game that made you hate movie games?

We can all thank Brett Elston for a question of the week that is immensely difficult to convey concisely. So - what movie game first clued you in to the fact that movie games are generally known for being crappy? We've probably all, at some point, picked up a movie game that we had high hopes for ("Yes! A Total Recall game for the NES!"), and were horribly disappointed ("Oh..."). Which sad experience stuck with you the most?

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Last week's question:

What is your all-time favorite console?

Number-fiend Brett Elston actually took the time to count the forum responses to last week's question and tally a score. The winner? PlayStation 2! Congratulations PS2, we still love you.

Below are a few of last week's answers that tickled our collective fancies, but since we can't feature them all here, check out last week's article and forum thread for more...

zymn wrote...
"the NES. what other console can you go back to after years and years and STILL enjoy playing it? you can't do that with a PS1, cause the pixelly 3D makes you wanna barf. you can't do it with an Atari, cause it makes your eyes bleed now, and you can't do it with a dog. cause that's unnatural."


Corsair89 wrote...
"The N64 was my childhood. I owned only about a dozen games for years and was happy to play them. And I didn't even own Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Nowadays, I play about a dozen games a month and get a dozen more the next month."

elchetos wrote...
"I have to say the PS1. I missed the entire 16 bit generation, it was my first console after the NES. Not only I had a great time playing games with it, and I also learned english (I'm mexican, it helped me avoid getting the funny accent). I played the hell out of MGS and FFVIII, so that helped a lot. It is because of it that I'm writing my undergrad thesis on the useof video games as a teaching tool..."

Above: Educational!

dweller wrote...
"Sega Genesis is my all time favorite console. I played the shit out of Sonic 2 and Contra Hard Corps.

Plus I played Phantasy Star 4 many times to make that initial $100 price tag worth it. It was great anyways, but beating it in 5 days made me feel bad as a kid."

loonyman978 wrote...
"The Sega Mega Drive, because it was my first ever console which I'd got at a car boot sale for a fiver. It also introduced me to sonic the hedgehog, who I still hate today :)"

TrigunGunner wrote...
"Mine is the DS hands down. That's because lately there's been a swarm of great RPG games on the DS. My PS2 is still nice, but the last fantastic game that came out for the PS2 was Persona 4 and that was in January. I still play it a lot, but the fact that only a few games come out for it now, the PS2 is the runner up. My least favorite console is the Wii. My Wii (which my parents bought for the Wii sports they never play) is busy collecting dust waiting for Muramasa: the Demon Blade to actually come out so I will actually play the stupid thing again."

Jul 16, 2009

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  • Dabenguin - July 23, 2009 9:23 p.m.

    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for the Gameboy color. Star Wars platforming games just don't work. :(
  • gmilf71 - July 23, 2009 6:27 a.m.

    Godfather the video game. totally buchered the material. nuff said
  • linkganon - July 22, 2009 11:10 p.m.

    i have to admit, goldeneye was an awesome movie game. and again with et the game, let that game bih already (you should figure out what i mean by bih) and the spiderman 3 game didn't seem complete. i was going to buy it but decided to rent it instead and boy am i glad i did what i did. i practically finished that game in less than a week.
  • linkganon - July 22, 2009 11:02 p.m.

    i was never the kind of person who liked to watch movies especially the ones that are based on a video game. same mechanics with all movie game combinations, if the game is made and the movie is based on it, the movie sucks, but if the game is a official movie game, the game sucks. i'm glad i have never sat down and actually watched one of those movies based on a video games. try another question people can answer easier with less thinking because lots of us have never had the chance to watch a movie based on a game.
  • Jacko415 - July 22, 2009 10:01 a.m.

    whoops i read the question wrong... i thought it meant games turned into movies. im an idiot.
  • Narudude360 - July 21, 2009 6:38 p.m.

    You mean Street Fighter? It was blatantly weird. I mean, the developers decided to give it the Street Fighter name, and really, it bombed because it wasn't really a Street Fighter game. It would be understandable if it were given another name, maybe it would be made into a legend. A space dude going on a mission to save his best friend from aliens? Epic! (Somewhat!)
  • Pillowfort - July 21, 2009 6:34 p.m.

    Jurassic Park on the Megadrive(or genesis, I guess). The music is some of the least inspired on that system (Although maybe I'd just been spoilt by the Chemical Plant Zone theme) and the jumping was... Less than intuitive. It was so bad that, while I think I might have only been 4 or 5 when I can first recall playing it, even then I knew better than to give it more than a few tries.
  • Kotsu - July 21, 2009 6:01 p.m.

    I really don't remember what made me hate movie games... Just as far back as I remember I knew that they sucked.
  • shadowmangmr - July 20, 2009 8:15 p.m.

    First off, many movie games are great: Goldeneye, World is Not Enough, Spider-Man 1-3, X-men Origins: Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, Super Star Wars 1-3, Minority Report, and the list goes on... Secondly, I was first introduced to the eye-stabbingly bad movie games with Last Action Hero on the SNES and ET on the Atari. I couldn't play either one for more than 15 minutes.
  • 11englj - July 20, 2009 3:34 p.m.

    well myfirst movie game was spiderman 2, but i liked it. but then i learned my lesson when i played Enter the Matrix, and found that a good movie game is hard to find.
  • adrenaguy - July 20, 2009 2:33 a.m.

    i guess because i never bought them before this should count, i mean i always avoided them, but the simpson's game looked like it could be fun. yeah, big ass mistake, it was a novelty AT BEST which lasted for all of 30 seconds, them talking about playing a few times then sent to oblivion was right, i barely had the patience to finish it, and the last boss? a game of dance dance revolution for you pad? just wow, fellas. i detested that game and i refuse to acknowledge it's existence unless to say that it sucked monkey balls. that was what ruined them for me, i've never had the guts to buy another movie/tv series based game, i am too afraid of the failure, i'll stick with beyond good and evil, a game i KNOW is mazing, thank you and g'night.
  • DontEatRawHagis - July 19, 2009 1:53 p.m.

    I hated Home Alone. Then I tried Superman Returns and hate it. Now I have Ghostbusters and hate Alyssa Milano but like the game. First time in a long time that I actually like a game based on a game since Golden Eye.
  • super0sonic - July 19, 2009 6:43 a.m.

    Thing is I never play movie games because they tend to get poor reviews. That said I am a little obsessed with Wall-e so I had to buy the game. Over all the game is rather suck but I still played it from start to finish.
  • Ibonedyourdog - July 19, 2009 5:33 a.m.

    Back To The Future was 1 of my favorite movies as a kid but the game were you move to fast and everything FUCKING kills you. I remember shouting swear words at my tv and I had to buy the game 3 times because I broke it out of anger.
  • cubsfan101 - July 18, 2009 9:44 p.m.

    the first movie game that made me hate movie games is X2:Wolverine's Revenge. i don't no what the hell i was thinking.After playing that game i would never play another movie game again. Except for Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • gangbangtista - July 18, 2009 8:35 p.m.

    One of the woooorst games i've ever played : Back to the Future (snes). It had nothing to do with the movie. It had you running through the street collecting clocks (???) , while avoiding killer bees and girls hoolahooping. What The [CENSORED]!!
  • Hobojedi - July 18, 2009 6:10 p.m.

    Some lame Shrek game, it was just really repetitive.. and also a free spiderman game that came from a box of cereal, I couldn't get out of tutorial. And then what finally ticked me off was the Incredibles game for the Gamecube, it just gave me a headache to try and figure my way around each level.
  • Danomeon - July 18, 2009 6:06 p.m.

    I actually bought Mickey's Magic Mirror when I was young. It was a point-and-click adventure title devoid of humor and intrigue. The commercials featured mickey running away from giants swords with hearts in the top left corner of the screen. The hearts were a dead ringer for better games, like Zelda, and I was convinced the game was going to be a stellar platformer.
  • m1bayluv41510 - July 18, 2009 5:50 p.m.

    i first had an inkling that movie games sucked is when i rented total recall for NES, and over the years its proven to be more true than false. i blame the fact that most movie games are geared towards more "for the moment" consumers that don't neccessarily play games all the time and are consequently unaware that their new $60 game is garbage. They shoehorn the basic movie story into contrived or retread game mechanics and never try to innovate past the latest graphics gimmick..
  • carmel1 - July 18, 2009 7 a.m.

    It's got to be the atari what if it had primitive gfx (the nes would have had the same if it was relesed in the 70's) the vcs (or 2600) is and was the only games system to be officially sold over 3 decades, the nes lasted less then 2....the VCS created so many elements of the gaming industry, like the technology, 3rd party hardware development, 3rd party games development and became the first gaming system to be legally and offically cloned (i.e the coleo expansion module 1/gemini and the columbia home arcade)...nes bought nothing to the gaming industry The vcs also had lineage as it spawned the atari computers, the amiga and the atari lynx (created by ex amiga designers), nes had no whilst people say the nes 'rejunvinated' the games market after the VG crash happened in 1983, that was down to the fact that atari's new owners (the tramiels) weren't interested in atari's existing products and only wanted atari as a vehicle for the ST...had tramiel had faith in atari's existing products like he'd with the ST, i don't think the nes test marketing in new york would have been as successful as it was, as the nes would have to compete with both the 2600 and also atari's new entrant the 7800 (which is comparable to the nes's technology) and therefore the nes probably wouldn't have ventured any further then japan or asian markets

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