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Every year, FIFA starts boasting about the new tricks up its sleeve. But how many of them actually stick around for the next installment? GamesRadar takes a look back at some 15 years of FIFA and the amazing new features it's introduced. And then forgotten about.

FIFA International Soccer
The original FIFA introduced stunning graphics to the genre. We remember one journalist at the time saying "it looks like Match of the Day." Well... we must all have been more easily impressed back then. But right from the start, the emphasis was placed firmly on style over simulation. The gameplay was... good enough. But 40-yard screamers were commonplace. 5-yard tap-ins less so.

FIFA Soccer 95
The first sequel added unlicensed club teams. A new game engine was also used, bringing increased solidity to the graphics, allowing consecutive headers to be nodded around the pitch. Which was nice.

Above: Look at the realism of 16-bit FIFA. Picture-in-picture display and everything...

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