Pro evolution FIFA

The game finally got real player names here. Sure it had the FIFA name before, but only now did it boast the full FIFPro license. It also went 3D with its "Virtual Stadium" technology, at least on the then-next-gen machines. The stadia looked great (for the time), but the players were still 2D sprites, making high views look like the players were running on their sides. There was also a full commentary team, with John Motson, Des Lynham and Andy Gray.

Motion-captured animation! David Ginola provided the mo-cap data (which explains the frequent "shake hair from eyes" animation seen even on buzz-cut ginger-nut Paul Scholes... probably). There was also the bizarre inclusion of an indoor five-a-side mode, with tiny goals and everything. It was rubbish.

Above: Nobody was ever going to choose this over a stadium match. It didn't stay for long