Pro evolution FIFA

Let's not mention the hideous Xbox 360 version (except that it had true 3D blades of grass on the pitch, which really was new). The PS2 version dumped everything and just went for emulating WE. The controls were the same, except for the "skill stick," which used the right analog input for stepovers and the like.

Interestingly, the 3D grass was gone in the 360 version of FIFA 07 - obviously too processor-intensive - and replaced with Shadow of the Collossus -style layered polygons to give the impression of grass. As for the gameplay,a reworked trick stick that meant you had to waggle left and right for step-overs and rotate it for spins, which worked like a treat. Passing was also more realistic, as you had to be facing your intended recipient to get any real accuracy or power in your pass. There were also interactive online leagues that ran parallel with the real world - something that has been kept for the 08 version.