Pre-E3 blowout day four: PS3

The biggest game show in the world is almost here. Catch up with the best of what we know

Unreal Tournament 2007
For many, the early shots of Unreal Tournament 2007 were their first glimpse of a game running on PS3 hardware. Already one of the best-looking games around, Unreal Tournament's debut on the PlayStation 3 will add high-definition, hyper-detailed graphics to the epic-scale multiplayer fragfests the series is known for.

We saw the game running briefly at the Game Developers Conference in March, and while the action looked familiar, the graphics and animation were incredible. It's also worth noting that UT2007 is more than just a game - it's also the engine on which dozens of other games will be based. So expect developer Epic to pull out all the stops to make this look as impressive as possible to other developers. As well as, you know, you.

UT2007 adds more than just a fresh coat of next-gen paint, though, and we're looking forward to exploring new arenas, test-driving new, fully destructible vehicles and loading up a new selection of futuristic weapons to blow other players into bloody, photorealistic chunks. The environments also promise to be more realistic than ever, and we can't wait to start tossing furniture and random bits of debris across the room at each other. With rocket launchers, if possible.


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