Portal: The five best DIY maps

Nov 9, 2007

We love Portal. It is, for all intents and purposes, a perfect game. Though we have to admit it is very short. However, thanks to Valve being the definition of a user-focused developer, an official Portal level-editing kit was bundled onto the web some time ago, and now there's a whole collection of user-made levels to enjoy.

But where do you start? Well, we've discovered a 35-map pack (plus an extra map ) and hooked it up to FileRadar, then we've picked out the best five maps from the collection, with our own unique rating for each recorded below. Enjoy...

Quick tip - instructions for use are included with the pack in readme files

Chamber 21
This short but sweet map requires a particularly angular approach.
Difficulty - Thoughtful
Style - Slanted
Rating - Neat

This map is very intensive, causing a bit of PC-judder, but well thought out.
Difficulty - Painful
Style - Undefined
Rating - Good

An incredible map, this, comprised of interlinking glass tubes and walls.
Difficulty - Toe curling
Style - Glassy
Rating - Superb

The latest version of the map by 'that Bethesda guy ', RenTest is long and rewarding.
Difficulty - Crystal Maze-ish
Style - Distinctive
Rating - The best

Simply that - a maze. But, as you'd expect, with brain-wrangling Portal puzzles.
Difficulty - Ahhhhgh!
Style - Dizzying
Rating - A-maze-ing (sorry)


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