Pole-dancing Lara Crofts video interview

So a little while ago we found out about two students from the University of Bristol - Emy Calder and Bex Brady - that also happen to be keen amateur pole dancers. At first this story would appear to have nothing to do with video games. But you'd be wrong. Because for their pole-dancing routine Emy and Bex dress as seasoned adventurer, obtainer of rare antiquities and iconic polygon woman, Lara Croft. So this story has EVERYTHING to do with video games.

Anyway, our offices being based not 20 minutes from Bristol, we thought it would be rude of us if we didn't at least try to get an interview with the pole-dancing Emy and Bex. They obliged. This is the interview:



Their next pole-dancing routine will also be game related, but is currently under wraps. So we can only guess. Ken and Ryu? Alyx and Gordon? Sam and Max? We'll keep you posted.

August 5, 2011


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