Pokemon Sapphire faqs

Pokemon Sapphire Cheats

  • Quick Restart

    Hold A, B, select, and start during the game to restart it instead of turning it off then turning it back on.
    Submitted by Busta Rymes22
  • Catch Pokemon 85% of the Time

    Use any pokeball, like a greatball etc., and hold A and B and select at the same time and you will catch that pokemon.
    Submitted by joey schuller
  • Crumble Slopes

    To get up the Crumble Slopes just use a Mach Bike and ride up.
    Submitted by DWAZZUP

Pokemon Sapphire Glitches

  • Pokemon Duplication (Clone)

    Put the pokemon you want to clone in an empty box, then take it out and put it in another box (make sure it's a different box), then save. But when it says "Saving do not turn off power," turn it off. The next time you turn the game back on there should be two of the pokemon you cloned.
    Submitted by Skiny_B*tch
  • Stand on Tree (No Effect on Game Status)

    Use cut on short trees and stand on top of it. Save and turn the game off and on again, and you will be on top of a short tree.
    Submitted by Pokemon Glitch Finder

Pokemon Sapphire Hints

  • Easily Catch Kyogre

    In Lilycove, go into Team Aqua's hideout and find a Masterball. Then go to Sootopolis - when you battle Kyogre use the Masterball.
    Submitted by gurpreet singh
  • Pokeblock Case

    First go to Slateport City.Then go to the Pokemon contest building and talk to the little girl. She will say she has two and will give you the pokeblock case.
    Submitted by lala15
  • Starter Poke'mon Evolutions

    -Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp at 16, then evolves into Swampert at 36.
    -Torchic evolves into Combusken at 16, then evolves into Blaziken at 36.
    -Treeko evolves into Grovyle at 16, then evolves into Sceptile at 36.
    Submitted by Ezmaly
  • Zigzagoon Gifts

    If you catch a catch a Zigzagoon, always carry it around. Every so often they pick up an item, so always keep their item space empty. I have gotten poke'balls, nuggets, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
    Submitted by POKE'MON CATCHER
  • Catch Latias

    Latias is a one shot deal, so save your Master Ball. Latias will come out on TV after you beat the Elite Four. Just walk around in the desert, grass, etc. When it appears use your Master Ball.
    Submitted by oneshot
  • Easy Level-Ups with Gabby & Ty

    This will only be available after obtaining the sixth badge.

    There are two trainers who are news reporters, Gabby & Ty. They'll keep turning up in three different locations each time you beat them: Route 111, Route 118 & Route 120.

    They will have a magnamite at lv19 and a whismur at lv19. Each time you beat them they get stronger, and will reach a maximum level of 39. Equip EXP. Share for even more exp. points.
    Submitted by Stainedleaf
  • Easy Daycare Raising

    Entry location: Route 117 - Mauville City
    To do this you haved to have a mach bike. Go to the day care and put the pokemon in, then exit and turn on your bike. After that keep crossing the borders between Mauville and route 117.
    Submitted by home_g_dawg_11 (robby)
  • Time to CUT the grass!

    Entry location: Anywhere there is grass.
    If you're tired of running into wild pokemon, use CUT in a grass area and around 2x2 squares of grass will be gone.
    Submitted by Master Of Pokemon
  • Jigglypuff Island

    Start from Rustboro, and head north up to the water near route 115. Use surf to travel even farther north, and eventually you will see a patch of land to your right. Go ashore and you will be on a secret island! Here there are a few trainers, and you will be able to find wild Swablu, Taillow, Swellow, and the rare Jigglypuff.
    Submitted by Penguin & Penguin
  • Easy Way to Catch Latias

    To catch Latias easily, first get a high level Trapinch{lv.40} that knows Area Trap, so that when you find Latias it can not escape.
    Submitted by gamemaster94
  • Easier Way to Beat Your Dad

    Catch a Taillow and evolve it into a Swellow (at level 22) before you battle your dad. Make sure it has the attack Endeavor. Use that until he switches poke'mon. Also, start out with Mudkip. Taillow will easly kill your rival's Grovyle with Wing Attack.
    Submitted by player 5
  • Find a Gold Nugget

    First of all, go to Fallarbor Town. You will see a house at the bottom of the screen. You should see a small crater. Go up to the crater and press A. Eventually it will say at the bottom of the screen that you found a nugget. Then go to the Pokemart & sell it for $5000.
    Submitted by Boxman
  • Rayquaza

    First get a pokemon that knows fly. Fly (or surf) to Pacifidlog Town and surf right. Stick to the top and you should find a pathway and an island. Set foot and enter the cave. It's not very long. Then enter a big building called Sky Pillar. The first floor has level 48 pokemon, the second has level 50, third has level 52, fourth has level 54, fifth has level 56 to 60, and the top floor has Rayquazza, level 70. Make sure you have the MACH bike, lots of pokeballs, and really strong Pokemon.
    Make sure you beat the Pokemon League first, otherwise you can't do any of this.
    Submitted by ~JIMBOBALOB~
  • Easy Way to Catch the Three Regi's

    It's in fact very easy to catch them. All you have to do is find a pokemon with sleep powder or yawn (Oddish recommended) & put the pokemon you're battling to sleep. With this method I caught them all in 1 shot with a great ball. However, it's really luck that decides whether you catch it or not!
    Submitted by Brayden Paaka
  • Weaknesses for the Elite Four

    Sydney = if you have a Rayquaza that knows outrage, that's great
    Phoebe = dark moves
    Glacia = fire and grass moves
    Drake = ice and dragon moves
    Submitted by Game Freak
  • Chimecho

    To get Chimecho go to the top of Mt. Pyre and just keep looking in the grass.
    Submitted by STFox
  • Get Super Rod and How to Use It

    If you want to get better water pokemon go to Sootopolis City. Talk to all the fishermen. Once you get the super rod go to any body of water and use it. You have to hit A once you see 'Oh! a bite!' Don't hit A right away after you hit it the first time. Wait for it to say 'Oh! a bite!' again, then hit A. Keep repeating this until it says a pokemon is on the hook.
    Submitted by Nick95
  • Quick Levels

    First: You give a pokemon an exp. share.
    Second: You trade the pokemon that is holding the exp. share to another Pokemon game.
    Third: You put that pokemon in your party's first position, and as soon as a battle starts switch that pokemon with an even stronger pokemon.
    When you win, the first pokemon gains more exp. points than the second pokemon.
    (This is extremely helpful for raising week pokemon)
    Submitted by Ash
  • Easy and Quick Level Up in Day Care

    This is extremely easy- just leave any pokemon in the daycare, then get the Acro bike. Have your character try to ride up those slopes that you need a Mach bike to get up, since this does count as steps, and each step you take is 4 EXP for daycare pokemon. I recommend just leaving the game on overnight with the charger plugged in so the battery doesn't die, and just push the up button down with something heavy or tape.
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Find HM Surf

    If you're having trouble finding HM Surf to get to Fortree City, after you beat Norman, the leader of Petalburg City Gym, go to the house to the left of where there is a sign that says "Wally's House". Talk to the guy and he will give you HM Surf.
    Submitted by Boxman
  • Don't Waste Steps in the Safari Zone

    Go into the Safari Zone and go into the section that has the pokemon you want to get. Go into the grass or water and look one way, then lightly press the opposite direction. You'll turn, but won't move. Keep doing that back and forth and you won't waste any steps.
    Submitted by weirdperson
  • Starter Pokemons

    The best starter pokemon is Torchic, because it has all the moves to defeat the gym leaders once it has learned Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut and TM Overheat and Fire Blast.
    If you choose Mudkip, you can easily beat the trainers in the start of the game.
    Treeko is the pokemon that is good at speed and atk. It is powerful but weak against fire attacks. Its defence is very low at the begining, but it is very useful to catch pokemon.
    Submitted by Pokemon CHEAT Searcher
  • Breed a Treeko

    Entry location: Daycare center
    You have to get a female Sceptile and a male Vileplume and then put them in the daycare to breed. Save and turn the game off, then wait one hour game-time and turn it back on. After you turn it back on go to the daycare and talk to the old man. Hint:To hatch the egg faster get a Mach bike in Mauville and just bike around.
    Submitted by Jedi Master
  • How to Get to Kyogre

    Entry location: Sootopolis City
    After the Team Aqua boss awakens Kyogre, go to Sootopolis City. Find Steven on the left side and he will bring you to the Cave of Origin.
    Submitted by Lane Riley
  • Evolution Stones

    You get a Moon Stone in Meteor Falls.
    You get a Fire Stone in Fiery Path by using Strength.
    You get a Thunder Stone in New Mauville when Watson asks you to run an errand for him.
    You get a Water Stone in the Abandoned Ship.
    Submitted by Brad
  • Hidden Kecleon

    Entry location: Route 121
    First go to Fortree City. Then go to the next route on the right. There will be a sign that says Fortree City and just above it there is a Kecleon, but you have to use the Devon Scope to see it.
    Submitted by kat101
  • First Four Gym Weaknesses

    Roxanne: water, grass, fighting
    Brawly: flying and psychic
    Wattson: ground and rock
    Flannery: water, rock, ground
    Submitted by None
  • Faster Hatching Eggs

    To make the eggs you have hatch faster, you'll need the Mach bike. If you have it, get on it and make sure you have the egg in your pokemon party. Then, all you have to do is ride around for a while and check the egg's progress by going to the SUMMARY option.
    Submitted by Andrew Leskoven
  • Battle Friend Without Linking

    1.Mix records with friend.
    2.Go to their secret base.
    3.Talk to him/her.
    4.Say yes to battling.
    Submitted by shadow15842
  • Powered-up Moves

    Moves that are powered up on certain conditions are:
    THUNDER = when opponent is Flying
    EARTHQUAKE = when opponent is Digging
    SURF = when opponent is Diving
    REVENGE = when user is hit
    FLAIL = when user's HP is low
    ERUPTION & WATER SPOUT = when user's HP is high
    Submitted by froznfire
  • Unlimited Loto Ticket Numbers

    Go to the loto store. Save in front of the lady on the right. Talk to her, and she will say something like this: Would you like a ticket? Say yes. She will check if you won. If you didn''t she will say: I'm sorry, you did not win. If this happens, turn off the game and turn it back on. You will get a different loto ticket number each time you do that. Repeat the process until you win.
    PS: the more numbers that match on your loto ticket, the better the prize you'll get.
    Submitted by dog the bounty hunter
  • Easy Evolution Stones

    Entry location: Hunter's house, north of Mossdeep City
    To get free stones you need the colored shards. Here is what you need to get the stones:
    Red Shard = Fire Stone
    Yellow Shard = Thunderstone
    Green Shard = Leaf Stone
    Blue Shard = Water Stone
    Submitted by Pokefan#1
  • Stone Evolution Pokemon

    Some pokemon can only be evolved by using special stones. So if the pokemon you want is listed below, don't waste your time trying to evolve it by leveling it up, because it's not going to happen!

    To make:

    Skitty evolve to Delcatty use MOONSTONE
    Gloom evolve to Vileplume use LEAF STONE
    Vileplume evolve to Bellosom use SUN STONE
    Jigglypuff evolve to Wigglytuff use MOONSTONE
    Staryu evolve to Starmie use WATER STONE
    Vulpix evolve to Ninetales use FIRE STONE
    Submitted by Meow Master
  • Quick Level-up

    When you can defeat the Elite Four easily, if you have a really weak pokemon, challenge them again. This time have the weak pokemon in your party with EXP. SHARE attached, and the experience from the high level fights will really give them a boost.
    Submitted by Heyyojoe831
  • Find a Relicanth

    First you need to have a Tropius. Then go to Sootopolis City, and go back out and turn right, right into the seaweed. This is where Tropius comes in, he/she must be in your party. Have Tropius use his Sweet Scent effect. Continue this at the same spot for a while, and soon you should find a Relicanth.
    Submitted by Heyyojoe831
  • How to Catch Bagon

    To get Bagon, you need to get about 5 Ultra Balls. Go straight to Meteor Falls. Surf to the waterfall and use waterfall. You should then go left, down, and either right or left, and go inside an entrance. Surf across the the small part of water and run around the pokeball. You will soon find a Bagon.
    Submitted by draigonblaze
  • Corphish

    Entry location: Route 102
    Go to route 102 and at the pond use surf. Go to the middle of it and use the fishing rod and eventually you'll find a Corphish.
    Submitted by w.s.millionares
  • Change Bike

    To change from Mach to Acro or vica versa, just talk to the guy you got it from in Mauville City. Too simple!
    Submitted by DWAZZUP
  • Finding Steven

    To find Steven in Dewford, to deliver the letter from Mr. Stone of Devon Corp., go to Dewford and go into the nearby cave. The guy with the big gut is not a trainer, he's just there to give you advice. Talk to him and he gives you HM04 which is Flash, and he also tells you were Steven went. Teach your pokemon Flash and go as deep as you can into the cave and there should be a dead end and a person. This is Steven. Then you go to Slateport. Go to the big building with the boats standing on those things for show. Talk to the guy closest to the door and he should take it out of your hands.
    Submitted by Derek Doyle
  • How to Get TM43 (Secret Power)

    First go to Slateport City go to the small mart place. Go to the middle right handed place. Talk to the lady there - she asks if you want to buy. Click buy and there will be two TMs. The bottom one is Secret Power (TM43).
    Submitted by None
  • Head Start

    Entry location: Start
    At the start, choose Mudkip. Make your way to first gym. Do all the battles with Mudkip (and a secondary pokemon which doesnt have to be strong. I suggest wurmple and then when it evolves it knows tackle so train in woods.) Beat the Rock gym leader using water gun. After that, Continue but stop at the first grass. Get a lvl 8 taillow and start training them equally (mudkip and taillow). Get a makhuita and train that too. Continue to Dewford and give Steven the letter (at the bottom of cave). Catch a Geodude and train that. By now, Mudkip should be lvl 25ish, Taillow/Swellow lvl 20ish, Makhuita 20ish and Geodude 10-15. Defeat the Fighting gym Leader there using your Taillow/Swellow. Go to Slateport and head up North to Mauville. Catch an electric Pokemon. Defeat May using...
    Taillow v Grovyle
    Electric v Wailmer
    and there is one more which I can not remember but your party can take it. Go to Mauville and defeat the Electric Gym using Geodude and Makhuita.
    Submitted by Kronos400
  • Master Ball Misconception

    When catching rare pokemon like Grudon, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Latios, Latias, and many others, you do NOT have to use a master ball. What you do when you get to the area, say the Cave of Origin for example, save the game when you get to Kyogre or Grudon's lair, and have a variety of balls, mostly ultra balls. Have plenty of revives and potions. If you faint Kyogre, just restart the game and try again. This make take longer than using a master ball, but it does work. I have caught Kyogre, Latios, Rayquaza, and Latias using this technique. Just don't forget to save the game if you can!
    Submitted by Raichu Ritual
  • Fewer Battles

    When you choose your bike at mauville town choose the acro bike. it lets you do tricks like wheelies and bunny hops. when you go to the tall grass hold down the b button while standing still on your bike. When you start to jump in one place go through the grass and you will be in fewer battles.
    Submitted by gamehead8826
  • Catch Kyogre

    At the start pick Treeko. When you are in the Cave of Origin (your Treeko should be evolved into a Sceptile), in the last room, save the game. Get Kyogre's health down to one and use a dive ball. It takes about 2 or 3 tries to get him.
    Submitted by Keegan
  • Easy Way to Beat Wallace

    You really only need a Manectric at level 35 or higher and a Kyogre.
    Make sure that your Manectric knows Thunder and Thunderbolt. You may need 3 hyper potions to take out Wallace's last Pokemon. You can teach your Manectric Thunder by buying that TM in Lilycove City. Get Thunderbolt from Wattson in Mauville City. By the time you get to Wallace's last Pokemon your Manectric will most likely be fainted. If you lose Manectric on the first pokemon, use Kyogre's body slam to knock them out. When you win you get TM03 (Water Pulse). Now you're ready for the Victory Road. You have to use waterfall to get into Ever Grande City. If you don't know, Ever Grande City is located on the far right side of Hoenn.
    Submitted by 007-Agent
  • In-Game Reset

    Press R, L, A, and B at the same time for a soft reset.
    Submitted by gareth jewett
  • More Berries

    Plant berry bushes in loamy soil and water them with the Wailmer Pail to replenish the supply.
    Submitted by None
  • Secret Bases

    Throughout Hoenn, look for large trees and rectangular marks on rocks. When you create a secret base in these places you can decorate it with poke-items that you've collected.
    Submitted by None
  • Best Starter Pokemon

    Treecko is the best Pokemon to start with because most of the trainers you fight in the first half of the game are water, rock and ground types. [Treecko is strong against those types of Pokemon because it's a plant type]
    Submitted by PatrickMiskiewicz

Pokemon Sapphire Unlockables

  • Baby Pokemon

    To get Igglybuff, catch a male and female Jigglypuff, then give them both to the daycare lady. Grow them a level, and the daycare man should give you an egg.
    To get Azuril, get a male and female Marill and give the Sea Incense (found by going up the INSIDE of Mt. Pyre and falling down the holes) to the male, then do the same thing as to get Igglybuff.
    To get Pichu, get a male and female Pikachu and put them in daycare, wait a while and the daycare man will give you an egg containing Pichu.
    Submitted by dannyator
  • Get Torchic to Learn Flamethrower

    Don't let it evolve until level 43. To do that, hit B when it tries to evolve and it will stop.
    Submitted by Busta Rymes22
  • Berries Galore

    Go to the Berry Master's house and talk to his wife. If you put in a good saying, she will give you a cool berry.

    Challenge Contest = Pamtre Berry
    Super Hustle = Belue Berry
    Great Battle = Spelon Berry
    Cool Latios = Durin Berry
    Overwhelming Latias = Watmel Berry
    Submitted by Hpfreik
  • How to Open Regi Doors

    In Regirock's cave go to the Braille then go right twice and down twice and use strength.
    In Registeel's cave go to the center and use fly.
    In Regice's cave read the Braille a few times and wait a bit and the door will open.
    Submitted by Regi Dude
  • Get the Rare Premier Ball

    First you buy 10 regular Pokeballs and the store owner says : "Pokeball? And you want 10? That will be $2000." If you have $2000 say yes. Then he says : "Here you go! Thank you very much. I'll throw in a PREMIER BALL, too."

    ~Note : Get 10 at a time & you get more PREMIER BALLs. ~
    Submitted by Great Pikachu
  • How to Get Beldum

    Entry location: Mossdeep City
    First beat the Elite 4. Then go to Steven's house. The pokeball on the table will have a Beldum in it.
    Submitted by orangemonkey3195
  • How to Get Alakazam and Graveler

    First get a Geodude and evolve it to Graveler, then trade it to Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald with a link cable. It will evolve going through the link (any level). Evolve Abra to Kadabra, then do the same thing.
    Submitted by cheat master
  • Double Pack Deal on Bugs!!

    Get Nincada and level it up to level 20. It should evolve, and you will get two bug pokemon at once, but only if you have an empty space in your party.
    Submitted by jay uzumaki
  • Ice Sculpture

    To get this you need to have a painting in the art museum from entering EACH contest and winning the Master Rank. The Ice Sulpture looks kinda like an Articuno, a rare legendary bird pokemon. This will make a great touch to your secret base.
    Submitted by Haha_Die!
  • Get Wynaut

    Entry location: Hot Springs
    Go to the Hot Springs and talk to the old woman. She will give you an egg. Play the game for about an hour and it will hatch into a Wynaut.
    Submitted by cpt.Stern
  • Mystery Event

    To get the mystery event go to Petalburg and enter the Pokemon Center. Talk to the guy standing next to the PC. He'll ask you to give him your profile - say yes. Enter as your profile "mystery event is exciting." Then save the game and turn off the game. When you play again you will have mystery event. It's a bit like mystery gift.
    Submitted by pokemon dude
  • Mystery Gift

    Find the poke'mart with paper on the counter. Enter "Link Together With All" as a code and the person behind the counter will have a ! sign over her head. Save the game, turn it off and turn it back on, and there should be a new option.
    Submitted by joe l
  • How to Get Golem, Alakazam and Machamp

    To get Alakazam, trade a Kadabra to a friend, and it should evolve. Catch a Graveler and trade it to get a Golem, and catch a Machoke and trade it to get a Machamp.
    Submitted by Wacko
  • Get National Pokedex

    To get the National Pokedex, trade any pokemon with Fire Red or Leaf Green. You will then have entries for 386 pokemon in your Pokedex.
    Submitted by anonymous
  • Mirage Island

    To find Mirage Island, go to Pacifidlog Town (the town on the water). Go as far right as possible. Then go inside the house. Talk to the guy looking out the window. He'll probably say 'I can't see Mirage Island.' If that happens, try again the next day. Eventually, he'll say 'I can see Mirage Island.' Then surf east and you'll find Mirage Island.
    Submitted by Da Cool Guy
  • Coin Case Tip

    To Get the Coin Case talk to the lady nextdoor to the Game Corner, she says something about a bike to get to Slateport City, and about a type of Mail that is only avalible there.
    Go and buy that mail and talk to her again.
    A ! mark will be over her head, and she'll ask you if she can trade her Coin Case for the Mail. Say "yes" and you recive a Coin Case.
    Submitted by DWAZZUP

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