Pokemon Monday 39 - Elf's World

We discuss the best exploits for grinding post-game and pay tribute to garbled bootlegs

Episode39 highlights

The Audino strategy - Need to level up your Pokemon quickly? Trying grinding using shaking grass patches in an area with high-level Pokemon.

Your shiny stories -Last weekwe asked if you've ever encountered a shiny Pokemon in the wild, and many of you had incredible experiences of luck and loss to tell.

Bootleg Pokemon ROM - How happen?

Poke-Rights, Not Poke-Fights PSA - They do have a point.

Pokemon of the week: Emolga - This Sky Squirrel Pokemoncan certainlybe annoying, but in a good way or bad?

Question of the week: What's your process for facing the Elite Four? Do you look them up ahead of time or do you prefer to be surprised?

See you next week!


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