Nobody knows where Ditto is in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been available for a few weeks now, and in that time we've seen players accomplish a lot. One man caught 'em all - or at least, all the ones he can catch - while another player reached the level cap of 40 - though he admitted to using a bot to get there. But in the face of all this success, one Pokemon continues to elude players: Ditto. 

Ditto may not look like much, being a pink blob and all, but it's actually a super useful Pokemon to have in your collection. Its famous for being able to take on the appearance and attacks of other Pokemon, but it's actually Ditto's ability to breed with any Pokemon that makes it a real treasure for dedicated trainers. Unfortunately, no one can seem to find the little bugger.

Developer Niantic is being characteristically quiet on the matter, which means we probably won't find out the secret to capturing Ditto for awhile. Oh well, at least we've got all kinds of tools to help us track Pokemon in the meantime.

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Sam Prell

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