Pokemon Monday 23 - Ghostly glitches

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Welcome to Pokemon Monday, GamesRadar's podcast 100% devoted to all things Pokemon. Step into the bizarre hivemind of several adult Pokemon fantatics each Monday as we bring you a no-frills, raw and unedited passionate Pokemon discussion covering breaking news, events, and whatever else is on our singularly devoted Pokemon brains. No Pokemon-related topic is off limits.

Episode 23 highlights

Special report from the frontlines of Dream World - If you imported Pokemon Black/White, make sure you sign up for an account on the Japanese Pokemon Global Link site. It's easy and you can now access Dream World to get extra Pokemon and items.  

A-1 - Charizard rap - From A-1's After School Special mixtape, Charizard is easily the best Pokemon-themed rap we've ever heard, with genius sampling of the original Pokemon theme. At this point we also veer wildly off topic.

Featured Pokemon: Dusknoir - The Gripper Pokemon! We pay a very brief tribute to the only triple-stage pure Ghost-type.

Question of the week: What's your favorite Ghost-type Pokemon?

See you next week!


  • xtremejosh - January 4, 2011 9:42 a.m.

    My favorite ghost type gotta be Duskull just because of it's looks, I mean its design is base on the grim reaper. That rap was cool btw.
  • Kenshin1080 - November 6, 2010 6:04 a.m.

    hey anybody can i trade my pokemon from pokemon gold to platnium?
  • sammypip - October 30, 2010 12:02 p.m.

    next weeks pokemon of the week should be claydol
  • Whatnow301 - October 29, 2010 12:48 a.m.

    Darkrai may be dark type but it has dream eater and nightmare ability
  • ROFLROOSTER - October 28, 2010 11 p.m.

    Definitely Ghastly and Sableye. Gastly is hugenormous in real life, by the way. Can Lapras be PKMN of the Week pleeease?
  • elpurplemonkey - October 28, 2010 7:05 a.m.

    Loved this episode- I'd actually like to see more of you guys going off on tangents. And here's that hypno shirt you guys mentioned: You guys are right, it is creepy as hell.
  • FistfulofPelican - October 27, 2010 1:25 a.m.

    I'd have to go with Mismagius. It has a really neat design and a decent moveset. Pain Split can be absolutely evil in the right situation. recaptcha: Blypelig economy. How is the economy in Blypelig?
  • maydae503 - October 26, 2010 9:53 p.m.

    haunter (sp?). he's a beast.
  • noofer7 - October 26, 2010 9:20 p.m.

    My favorite Ghost is probably Mismagius. I like how it looks cute, but it can do some really evil stuff if it wants to. Also, actually, the Day Care people CAN overwrite moves. I know because they deleted Extrasensory off my Togetic that I got from that egg the guy gives you in HGSS! It was an egg move so I don't think I can ever get it back on that Togetic. Those barstools.
  • EAC73 - October 26, 2010 7:36 p.m.

    @thedonut i have to agree about sableye he is also my fav ghost type
  • philipshaw - October 26, 2010 4:24 p.m.

    That rap is the shit
  • OhMyJosh - October 26, 2010 12:10 p.m.

    I love my Banette. He has helped me through so many battles. Battle Tower stood no chance. Came from Sapphire to Soulsilver, its soon going to come with me to White
  • StoneDreadnaught - October 26, 2010 6:48 a.m.

    Wow, so Mismagius is getting no love? She was insanely powerful in my 50+ team on Pearl and she looked like the ghost of a witch, complete with wide brimmed hat and 'sleeves' for her arms.
  • Parsat - October 26, 2010 6:45 a.m.

    It's all about Gengar.
  • elpurplemonkey - October 26, 2010 6:04 a.m.

    Haunter because of the anime back in the day.
  • Zack117 - October 26, 2010 4:27 a.m.

    Haunter has got to be my favorite ghost type because of its of its horrifying pokedex entries. I believe it was in the most disturbing pokedex entries feature GR did. The thing with how its gas tongue makes people shudder until they eventually die.
  • Crabhand - October 26, 2010 4:19 a.m.

    Well this one is easy, as my favorite of the series just happens to be Froslass. I mean, she's ice AND A FKN GHOST. It doesn't get much better than that.
  • thedonut - October 26, 2010 4:13 a.m.

    GHOST jk Sableye is pretty awesome. First with the Dark/Ghost combination.
  • kiwicrossing - October 26, 2010 4:11 a.m.

    That rap made me happy because San Francisco rocks. Also, Gengar has to be the coolest ghost type. Go Giants!
  • Schnipke - October 26, 2010 3:37 a.m.

    All of my favorite pokemon are the ghost types, but my favoritte out of them all is Misdreavus, unfortunately I never seem to get the game that has them, Soulsilver was the first game where I caught my own. Banette is my second fave even though I've never actually had one.

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