Halloween was the best when we were kids. We'd get our parents to buy us expensive outfits and walk around our neighborhoods collecting free candy from strangers. But the times have changed, and for some reason our neighbors don't appreciate us coming to their doors in costume and demanding sweets. Something about us being "too old" and "too naked" or whatever. They don't seem to appreciate innocence.

Luckily, Double Fine's Costume Quest lets us experience the magic of Halloween from within our own home, where we can be as old and naked as we want. The only barrier was its exclusivity: Costume Quest wasn't available on PC. On Friday, Double Fine announced that would be changing, and they very quickly lived up to their promise.

As you can read in our review of the console version, we really enjoyed Costume Quest's old-school RPG flavor, even if we did complain that the "battles get repetitive fast." That caveat was surrounded by a slew of acclaims, though, praising the gameplay and low price of $14.99 (the same price as the recently released PC version). With the PC version's release you have even less of a reason not to buy the game, unless, you know, you want to wait for the inevitable Steam sale. Odds are the game's price will be sliced in half after Halloween, even if it's only a temporary price cut.

Then again, waiting until after Halloween sort of misses the point, doesn't it?

Oct 17, 2011


costume quest


  • db1331 - October 17, 2011 1:40 p.m.

    I'll be picking up this and Amnesia in the Halloween sale. Can't wait.

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