Pac-Man chomps up Tokyo art gallery

Namco Bandai is celebrating its most famous character's 30th anniversary with a classy art exhibit

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Art critics, move over. Pac-Man is invading Tokyo%26rsquo;s 3331 Arts Chiyoda gallery to celebrate his 30th birthday, with an exhibition appropriately titled, %26ldquo;Exhibition Pac-Man 80%26rsquo;s to 10%26rsquo;s Gaming Culture.%26rdquo;

The exhibit runs from the 2nd of October (as in right now) to the 11th and the main features include the following:

- Nine playable variations on the original Pac-Man cabinet, from foreign versions to rare machines that included the character%26rsquo;s original name %26ldquo;Puck-Man.%26rdquo;
- A large selection of the many console versions of Pac-Man from around the world.
- Several screenings of the pilot for the upcoming 3D-animated Pac-Man TV series.
Various pieces of Pac-Man themed art, including an item from Andy Warhol%26rsquo;s Japan-themed collection.
- A marathon screening of the American Pac-Man cartoon. We wonder if the inadvertent racial slursthe show used will be included?
- Art from French artist Nicolas Buffe
- A Pac-Man roundtable discussion.
- All kinds of Pac-Man merchandise.

If you%26rsquo;re interested but can%26rsquo;t find your way to Japan in the next week, you can check the gallery%26rsquo;s live stream. It doesn%26rsquo;t run 24/7, but we think the major events from the show will be broadcast.

Above: The History of Pac-Man from Namco Bandai%26rsquo;s Japanese %26ldquo;online museum%26rdquo;

Sourc:Official exhibit website

Oct 6, 2010

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